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A Default Survey is the survey that will be displayed on the panel profile once a member logs in. It is a list of surveys that members will automatically get invited to, once they signup.

Note: Default Survey are not shown to existing members.

To specify default survey(s) for a panel go to:

Communities >> Profile >> Add Default Survey

Survey Software Help Image
Survey Software Help Image

Default Survey: Select the survey from this list to set it as the Default Survey.

Points: Assign points for completing the survey.

Profile Criteria: All single select questions created under Global Community Member Profile will be visible here. Enable this option to select the criteria.

Referral Source Criteria: Add the profile criteria here based on the fields created under Global Community Member Profile. Check how to create criteria

Sticky Mode: Sticky mode allows respondents to take the survey multiple times.

Can I add multiple default surveys?

Yes, more than one survey can be added to the Default Survey list. A specific Default Survey can be displayed to the panel members depending upon their profile data and criteria set.

Can I edit the default survey settings after adding one?

Yes, you can update the settings for default survey after it has been added by using the Edit option under Actions in the default survey listing. You can edit Points member receives, update the filter criteria and multiple response option.

Survey Software Help Image


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