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What is an API?

API stands for "application programming interface". It can be helpful to think of an API as a way for different apps to talk to one another. For many users, the main interaction with the API will be through API access key - a way for other apps to access your account without you giving out your password. The QuestionPro API is organized around REST. We use built-in HTTP features such as HTTP authentication and HTTP verbs to allow you to interact securely with our API from a client-side web application. JSON will be returned in all responses from the API, including errors.

What are the steps?

You can use the community Member Survey API call to receive the status of all the surveys for any member. Response would include details of all surveys, survey name, link of survey, and status for each. The request JSON Format contains the key value pair of the required parameter.

  • Under Module select API
  • Select API service
  • JSON Request: In JSON request provide the Survey Status code and member's email for whom the data is to be fetched
  • Include Replacement: Use Replacement variables in JSON to be substituted with the corresponding value
  • Request JSON: Payload data required by the API
  • Click on Execute
  • JSON response will be displayed on the page
Survey Software Help Image

Note: Use the correct SurveyStatus code as required. All SurveyStatus codes are listed on the page for reference.

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