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Project History stores all sent batch details / statistics. You can view the entire history under Project History.

Communities >> Send >> History

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How can I check the status of the project ?

Once you pull the individual project history by clicking on the link. You will see the status of the project just below the project header.

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What are the different Status's that I can expect when I execute the project?

The project can be in below mentioned status

  • Completed Successfully: This would mean that the project is executed successfully
  • Pending Processing: The project is not completed and still executing.
  • Close: You can turn the status to Closed once you are done with the data collection

What is the impact of closing the project?

To close the project you will need click on the status drop down and select the close project option to close the project. Closing the project will not display the sent survey on the portal and the members will not be able to see/ answer the survey for that project. This is usually done when you are done with your data collection and ready to send out new project.

I dont want members to see the previous project surveys in their Active Surveys list. What can I do?

All you need to do in that case is close the project and the survey will not be visible to any member


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