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The QuestionPro Communities mobile application allows you to better engage with customer giving real-time community insights. With push notification and geo-location surveys, it easier for members to stay active in your community and share experiences on the go; by participating in activities like Discussions, Polls, Surveys and many more...helping you get the pulse of your community, enhance your relationships, know your customer’s needs, identify key drivers and make informed business decisions.

QuestionPro Communities app powers you with a convenient way to engage with your community on the go, it allows engaging with your community like never before and has simpler and easy to use interface. Application is available for Android and iOS based devices.

Supported device or OS?

Application is developed to support all the mobile devices running on Android OS version above 4.1. For devices running on iOS all the mobile devices above OS version 8.0. Application is developed to work on both iPhone and iPad.

How do I enable mobile application for my community, what is Access Code?

It is very easy to allow your community members to access community using mobile application. However members would need added credential for logging in using mobile application i.e. Access Code. This Access Code is used to identify the community user belongs. If you enable mobile application, also add Access Code and share the same with your community members. Here is where you can enable Communities Mobile Application:

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Can I send important messages and announcements on mobile application?

Yes, from admin panel you will be able to draft the message and share with your community members on the mobile application. You can do this in Mobile module under Modules tabs. You also have an option to choose whether to notify the members of this notification by sending Push Notification on their devices.

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Is it possible to update the profile details from the community app?

No, currently member cannot update profile using mobile application.

Will members be able to contribute to live discussions?

Member can join contribute to the live discussions that are active from the application; under collaborate tab after logging-in.

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