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System email templates helps you manage all the email invitations. These templates can be saved and used for community projects.

Go to: Communities >> Send >> Templates

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  • New Member Email Verification Template: When a new subscriber/member asks to be subscribed to the community, a confirmation e-mail is sent to verify it was really them. An auto-generated verification URL is inserted in the email and only when users click on this URL they can join the panel. When you enable: Require email verification before surveys option, members cannot access surveys without verification. Only after they verify, will they be able to take the surveys.

    Double Opt In sends the same invitation to the members once they are uploaded or added manually by the community admin. Admin can turn this option off if they don’t want the members to know that they are being added to a community.

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  • Welcome Email Template: If you want to send a Welcome Email Template, enable the option for Welcome Email. Fill in the details and click on Save Changes.
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  • Refer-A-Friend Email Template: Here you can set the template for the email that will go out when you enable Refer-A-Friend Email.
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  • Community Invitation Email Template (Private Community): Here, you can set the template for community invitation.
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  • Reward Rejection Email Template: Here you can set the template for the email that will go out when you enable Reward Rejection Email. When Manually Approved Reward is on, rejecting rewards will send the email to the community member notifying him/her about the reward rejection.
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  • Birthday Wish Email Template: Here you can send birthday wishes to the community members on their birthday. Birthday profile field is mandatory and needs to be filed by the members or updated by the admin. Format of the date should be Month/Day/Year or Day/Month/Year. Community admin can also give points as a gift to the members. Emails are sent in US/Pacific time zone.
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