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The status for each member in your community can be changed to reflect their current interaction level with you. For example if a community member has already responded to a study that you have conducted and he/she could only respond once to maintain the relevance of the study, the member's status can be changed from Active. Another example is if a community member wishes to unsubscribe from your community, you have to be able to update that status against a contact.

How can you bulk update a members status?

You can bulk update a members status by clicking on: Communities » Community » Members » Update Member Status

  • In Bulk Update Member Status , under Current Status , select which status would you like to update.
  • Under New Status , select the new status you wish to assign to all the members selected under current status.
  • Click on Update Status .
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How can you change the member status individually?

Communities » Community » Members » Search

Search the member by their email address, or by first or last name or by member ID.

Click on the email address to be directed to the member profile page and change the status.

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This feature is available with the following licenses:

Free, Professional, Corporate, Team and Enterprise

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