Communities - Domain Report

Domain Report gives you an accurate estimate of where (domain name) your members are joining from.

Communities >> Analytics >> Profile Report >> Domain Report

At the bottom of the screen, you would be able to view the Domain Report.

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The Domain Report will show you a list of domains from where members accessed your survey with associated percentages for how many people reached your survey from the various domains listed.

I’m seeing N/A on the list of domains. What does this mean?

N/A means the survey was taken from the preview button, or from an anonymous link. If you emailed your survey and used the anonymous respondent link, the majority of your traffic will likely be attributed to N/A.

I’m seeing a blank line on the list of domains. What does that mean?

For some reason, the domain or IP address was not fetched properly by our system. There are a few reasons this could happen such as the system timing out when trying to capture the IP address.


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