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Idea Board is a platform where community members can post their ideas and discuss the ideas that are posted.

To enable Idea Board on your community, please these steps:

  • Communities >> Modules >> Idea Board >> Set Up
  • Turn On the option for Idea Board
  • Click on Save
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What is Idea Campaign?

Idea Campaign allows community members to post ideas.

Communities >> Modules >> Idea Board >> Campaigns

  • Click on + New Idea campaign
  • Enter the Name of the Idea Campaign
  • Enter a Description
  • Click on Save
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Can I delete/deactivate an ongoing Idea Campaign?

Yes, you can delete an ongoing Idea campaign. To delete, click on the Delete option against the campaign name. A pop-up window will appear with the comment "Are you sure?". Click on Yes to delete. You can also mark a Campaign as Inactive by clicking on the Status. Inactive Campaigns will be hidden from the Portal.

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How does it looks on members end?

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Community members can add new Ideas using the Add New Idea form on top of the Idea-board page, under the campaign created by the community admin.

They can enter title, description and image to their idea, and they can also tag words in their idea.

Members can view their ideas and popular ideas under Idea Board. Members can also share their ideas on their Facebook and Twitter account.


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