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Third Party Survey option is used when using a system other than QuestionPro your community. If you are using a custom data collection tool, the this allows you to use your community to collect data into other systems.

How do I setup Third Party Survey url?

To setup Third Party Survey, go to:

Community >> Send

  • Select the Third Party Survey from the drop-down option for Survey Type
  • Enter the URL for the Custom Survey Provider and append the token mail merge tag to the URL. Select the template and click on the next step button to continue and complete the wizard.
For Example:
  • URL with appended token tag:{token}
  • is the URL provided by your Custom Survey Provider.
  • {token}: is the Mail merge tag for token
Note: After the URL we are using question mark ( ? ) to start the variable data pair. Additional variable data pair can be separated using ampersand ( & ). If the URL already contains a question mark ( ? ) then please use ampersand ( & ) to append {token} to the URL.
Survey Software Help Image
When sending the survey, a dynamic variable called {token} will be appended to the URL of your data collection provider or tool. Your data collection provider/tool must redirect the user back to the following URLs:

Community >> Content >> External Passback

Survey Software Help Image
Survey Software Help Image
Provide these passback URL's to your Custom Survey Provider.

External Passback Links are not available for all accounts. This module must be purchased and requested separately - with the Community Partner Program. QuestionPro reserves the right to refuse access to this module depending upon volume and business requirements.


To get the pricing, please email us at

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