Community Health Dashboard

The community health dashboard gives you the overall summary of your community. It gives you the graphical presentation of members profile and their status.

How can you view the community health dashboard?

To view the community health dashboard, go to:

Communities » Analytics » Community Health

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What data can I find in the community health dashboard?

You can find the below data in Community Health Dashboard:

  • Leaderboard: Leaderboard shows the top 10 members with highest points.
  • Sign Ups: This will show the number of members signed up to the community.
  • Verified: Check the total number of verified members here.
  • Sessions: Total number of logins by the members. Each login is counted as a single session.
  • Member Activity: This shows the members activity based on the number of surveys taken, Idea Board and Topics participation and profile completion.
  • Member Distribution: This world map shows the communities members from different regions.
  • Profile Completion: This shows a graphical meter on the percentage of profile completed by community members.
  • Member Source Overview: This gives you the count and percentage on number of members signing up from different source.
  • Member status: Check the count here to know the number of verified, new, unsubscribed and email bounced.

You can check the data using different time filter.


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