Global Email Invitation Templates for Communities

Where can I set up Email Invitation Templates?

Go to:

  • Login »  Communities »  (Select Community) »  Send »  Delivery »  Email Templates »  Global Email Invitations
  • Click on the Add New Template button.
  • Enter from name.
  • Enter subject.
  • You can either use the default text or modify it or change completely.
  • If you wish you can use replacement variables from the drop menu.
  • You can set the invitation as Default Invitation
  • You can also enable Auto Reminder option.
  • Save Email Invitation.
Survey Software Help Image
Survey Software Help Image

What are Replacement Variables?

Replacement variables are similar to "mail merge" tags. You can insert the replacement variable tags in your email and they will be dynamically replaced with appropriate data for each Communitiesmember when sending email invitations.

Replacement Variable Tag
Community Name {COMMUNITY_NAME}
Survey Length {SURVEY_LENGTH}
Points {POINTS}
Survey Link {SURVEY_LINK}
Community Member's First Name {FIRST_NAME}
Community Member's Last Name {LAST_NAME}
Community Member's Email Address {EMAIL_ADDRESS}
Custom Variable 1 {CUSTOM1}
Custom Variable 2 {CUSTOM2}
Custom Variable 3 {CUSTOM3}
Custom Variable 4 {CUSTOM4}
Custom Variable 5 {CUSTOM5}

Also you can use Global Member Profile Fields as replacement variables.

Replacement Variable Tag
Field Name {PROFILE_ID}

for example : Birthday {PROFILE_100}

Survey Software Help Image

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