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What is a Member Profile? How to add Custom Profile Field?

Member Profile is the collection of all data points for the community member.

Member profiling can help you reach out to your target members more effectively.

To add a new profile field click on the Add New Profile Field button and select your preferences.

Once you choose your options click on Save Changes.

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What are the different editing options available on the profile field?

To access the editing options available on the profile field go to:

  • Login »  Communities »  (Select Community) »  Edit »  Members »  Profile »  Global Community Member Profile

Following are some of the important editing options available on the profile field apart from title and label:

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  • Field Type - You can select the field type from the listed types

    Supported Field Types :

    • Multiple choice - single select
    • Multiple choice - multi select
    • Date / Birthday
    • Date / Time
    • Free Form - Large Text / Description
    • Single Line Text Box
    • Numeric
    • Zip Code / Location - US ZipCode
    • Zip Code / Location - CA ZipCode
    • Zip Code / Location - ZipCode +4
    • Voter ID (US)
    • International Mailing Address
    • Facebook connect
    • US/ Canada University
  • Force Validation - This will make the field required and the member can not skip the profile field to update his profile.

  • Private Hidden Field - If enabled the member will not see this profile in the portal and hence has no access to edit the field

  • Conditional Logic - If enabled this field can be made conditional based on members responses to some other field in the profile.

  • Disable Sampling - If enabled the field will be excluded from the sampling functionality

  • Confidence Score - You can assign a confidence score to the field ranging from 1 to 100

  • System Custom Variable - The field can be mapped to any of the listed system variables in the dropdown

  • DataShare Visual - You can select from any of the list charts you would like to draw and share for the results of that particular profile field. The chart will be seen under the DataShare tab on the portal

  • Sampling Cost - You can assign a $ amount for including this field in sampling.

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