Community Moderate Ideas

Moderate ideas shows all the new ideas posted by the community members. It groups the ideas based on the campaign created.

Once members starts creating ideas in the portal, the community admin can see them under moderate ideas.

To see the moderate ideas. Go to: Communities >> Modules >> Idea Board >> Moderate Ideas

Survey Software Help Image
Survey Software Help Image

You can see the details such as:

  • Number of up and down votes.
  • Comments on an idea.
  • Member name who posted the idea.
  • Idea creation date.
  • Campaign name under which the idea is posted.
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You can change the status of ideas posted by members to Active, In-Active, In Progress and Completed.

Changing the status, changes the progress bar under members portal.

How does it looks on members portal?

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Members cannot see the Idea posted by other members if the status is set to In-Active.

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