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What is a default survey? How to add default survey(s) for a panel?

A default survey is the survey which will be displayed on the panel profile once a user logs in. It is a list of surveys that users will automatically get invited to, once they signup.

Note: Default surveys are not shown to the existing members.

To specify default survey(s) for a panel go to:

  • Login »  Communities »  (Select Community) »  Edit »  Members »  Profile »  Default Surveys
Survey Software Help Image
Survey Software Help Image
  • Default Survey: Select the survey from this list to set it as a default survey.
  • Points: Add points for completing the survey.
  • Profile Criteria: All single select questions created under Global Community Member Profile will be visible here. Turn this option On to select the criteria.
  • Referral Source Criteria: Add the profile criteria here based on the fields created under Global Community Member Profile. Check how to create criteria
  • Sticky Mode: Sticky mode allows respondents to take the survey multiple times.

Can I add multiple default surveys?

Yes. More than 1 survey can be added to the default survey list. A specific default survey can be displayed to the panel members depending upon their profile data and criteria set.

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