Community Health - Email Delivery and Access Rules to prevent Oversampling

Resting Period:

With the "Resting Period" setting, all email invitations and sample selection will be validated to make sure users are not emailed too frequently. Resting Period defines the minimum number of days the system will wait before sending another email invitation.

Sample Limit:

The "Sample Limit" setting allows the Administrator to setup a maximim limit PER SAMPLE PULL that anyone can request. If users request a higher invitation count, then the system will warn the user about the limit. Set this up if you have sub-accounts with access to your Community.

Member Project Limit

The "Member Project Limit" is the maximum number of projects a user can do in a given month. This prevents users from abusing the Community by running too many projects in a given month.

How to set up Email Delivery Rules?

Go To:

  • Login »  Communities »  (Select Community) »  Send »  Delivery »  Email Preferences »  Community Health - Email Delivery & Access Rules

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