Profiling Surveys

What are Profiling Surveys?

The idea behind profiling surveys is to update profile information over time. Instead of doing a huge profile model, we can put some profile fields in the profiling survey category and "backfill" them over time.

How to add Profiling Surveys?

Go To: Communities >> Edit >> Profile >> Profiling Surveys >> Add New Profiling Surveys

Survey Software Help Image
When adding a profile survey for the first time, you can set the Status for the survey as Draft/Hidden. The survey will not show up on the Panel. Once you have finalized the survey, You can set the Status as active to make the survey live.
Survey Software Help Image

Where do Profiling Surveys show up?

Profiling Surveys are similar to Surveys (from the end-user's standpoint) - they will be displayed in the "My Surveys" section, then the Panel Member logs into his account.

Can users "Update" their Profiling Surveys?

Yes. Completed Profiling Surveys will show up in the "My Profile" section, and users can then update their profiling surveys.

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