Multilingual Communities

Can I have a community in any language?

Yes. We have full internationalization (i18n) and we support languages which include multi-byte character set like Chinese and Japanese.

How do I go about creating multilingual communities?

After creating the community in the default / primary survey language:

  1. Go to Login > Communities > Edit > Languages
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  2. Click Add /Remove Languages in order to add languages to your community
  3. Check the box next to the languages you want to add to your community
  4. Click Save

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Where can I add the translations for all languages?

  1. Go to the Languages section
  2. Click on the Translate link next to the required language

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Select the Page / Profile Field for which you want to add the translations

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Add the translations and click on save changes.

Changing default language of a community

If you want to present your community in your local language, you can set a default language for the community. Although, if your community is multilingual, members do get option to change the preferred language while they are in the portal.

How to change the default language of a community?

  • Step 1 : Click on edit tab >> languages.
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  • Step 2: Select the primary/default language for your community.
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