Communities - Badges

How to set Badges?

Go To: Communities >> Incentives >> Badges

  • 1. Click on the button to turned ON the badges.
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  • 2. Now click on Apply badges button.
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When admin trigger Apply Badges the members who satisfy the criteria at that time will be awarded the badges. The badges won't be applicable to the panelists who meet criteria after Apply Badges is run.

Where can my panels members can view the Badges?

  • When members are going to login to portal they will be able to view their badge under dashbaord.
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What are the different Badges supported for panel??

Currently the following badges are supported for panel:

  • Points Bandit:This badge will be awarded to the member that has achieved 1,000 points
  • Profile Verified: Profile verified and ready to take survey.
  • Life Time Achievement:This badge will be awarded to the member who have been the part of community for one year
  • Community Leader: The member who has participated in a community discussion and posted a question
  • WIFIy:The member who have downloads the surveySwipe mobile app
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