Communities-Idea Board Export

Idea Board export helps you to download the ideas created by the members based on a campaign.

How to export Idea board?

Go to: Communities >> Modules >> Idea Board >> Campaigns

Select the campaign from the list and click on Export.

Survey Software Help Image
Survey Software Help Image

An excel file is download in a zip format.

You can see the following details like:

  • Date/Time: Idea creation date/time
  • Status: Status of the idea
  • Author: Member name
  • Author Email: Member’s email address
  • Campaign: Campaign under which the Idea is created
  • Total Votes: Total number of votes
  • Vote Up: Total number of Up votes
  • Vote Down: Total number of Down votes
  • Comments: Number of comments posted by members
  • Title: Title of the idea
  • Description: Description of the idea
  • Tags: Words that are tagged

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