Sample Balancing

What do you mean by 'Balance' in the context of a Sample?

A balance is basically a combination of sought percentages of the values in member profile fields of the total available response count. For example, you might want 20% male, 50% US/Canada residents, 40% College Graduates in your total response count.

What is Sample Balancing?

Data analysts typically build a response model with a convenience sample, in which the distribution of responders and nonresponders does not reflect the population response rate. The procedure for adjusting the sample to match the population response rate is called sample balancing. Sample balancing is easy to understand; We have kept it equally simple to compute the feasibilty and other details.

How can I add a Sample Balancer?

You can add a sample balancer under the panel tab after selecting the correct panel on the My Panels screen.

Go to: Communities >> Analytics >> Balancing >> Add Sample Balancer

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  • Step 1: Click on 'Add Sample Balancer'. Provide a name to the balancer. Type in the total response size that is required. Select the balancing parameters from the list. A maximum of 3 can be specified at a time. Click on 'Add Sample Balancer'
  • Only the single-select type member profile fields can be used as balancing parameters, hence if you do not have any in the member profile then the balancing parameters list will be empty.
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  • Step 2: Type in the percentage combinations that you are looking for. Ensure that the numbers under each paramter total to 100. Click on 'Add Sample Balancer'
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How do I compute the feasibility for the added sample balancer?

This is done automatically. After following the above steps, the following screen will display the computation of feasibility.

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