Word Cloud

What is a word cloud?

tag cloud or word cloud (or weighted list in visual design) is a visual depiction of user-generated tags, or simply the word content of a site, typically used to describe the content of web sites. Tags are usually single words and are normally listed alphabetically, and the importance of a tag is shown with font size or color. Thus, it is possible to find a tag alphabetically and by popularity.

Where can I access the word cloud generated for my survey?

Go to:

  • Login »  Surveys »  Reports
  • Select Word Cloud from the left navigation.word_cloud_sample
  • To remove words from the Word Cloud, click Stop Words in the upper right corner of the window.
  • Type the words you want to remove from the word cloud. Multiple words can be included; separate each word to be removed from the word cloud with a space.
  • Click Update Stop Words. The word cloud will refresh and reappear.word_cloud_stopwords

Note: Word Clouds are available only for Open Ended Text Comment Box type questions. This does notinclude “Other” text boxes included in question options. It does include dynamic comment boxes.

Can I share word clouds?

Word clouds can be shared via the link provided under the word cloud. You can also directly post tag clouds to Facebook, Twitter, etc. using the URL provided. Can I download word clouds for use in presentations?
  • Click Download in the upper right corner of the window.
  • Select the Template desired. You can select from QuestionPro/Blue or a variety of standard Microsoft templates.
  • Click Advanced Options to access options for downloading a trend analysis type of word cloud.
    • Select the Frequency desired (weekly, monthly, quarterly).
    • Enter the Start Date and End Date.
  • Click Export Tag Cloud.
  • A Powerpoint file will be emailed to the email address associated with the account. If you selected a trend analysis file, it will have one slide per time frame (one slide per week, month, or quarter).