Online questionnaire: What it is with free examples

As a business, you must have tried to collect your customers’ feedback through various methods in order to offer them the best experience. As a customer, you might have wanted to share your views with the product or service vendors to let them know your honest opinion. No matter which role you played, feedback was in the center stage. Well, an online questionnaire will make your life easier either way.

Gathering and providing valuable information is getting easier each day thanks to technology and the constant improvement in survey software like Question Pro. Keep reading and learn what is an online questionnaire.

What is an online questionnaire

An online questionnaire is a series of questions specifically structured to gather information about a target audience or group of people that is conducted online. The interviewees will be able to answer the form easily, accessing it through an internet connection. This type of questionnaire is a tool that allows us to get feedback about a product or service, or collect data for research, thanks to an online survey platform.

Online surveys are fully customizable and can be different in format, length, and design. The information obtained from online questionnaires is stored in a database provided by the survey software, along with useful results for data analysis.

Create questionnaires the way you want using a survey software and achieve greater reach by quickly sending them to your target audience.

What is an online questionnaire for?

Online questionnaires allow the process to be effective, as researchers can reach a wider audience and obtain the results in real time, in addition to collecting large amounts of information for better decision making.

Questionnaires can be used to:

  • Know what the population thinks about various topics by conducting opinion surveys.
  • Measure customer satisfaction.
  • Create a questionnaire to survey the socio-economic or educational level of a given population.
  • Make an evaluation of personnel or know their level of job satisfaction through employee surveys.
  • Conduct online tests for your students.

Differences between an online questionnaire and a paper questionnaire

  • An online questionnaire avoids having to go from house to house, so you get a large number of responses at a lower cost.
  • Traditional surveys have cost of production as a barrier to get the right sample for the research process.
  • You can place a tablet in kiosk mode for people to answer your questionnaire, so you can know their point of view about your service. You can also place the URL of the survey on the sales ticket for them to access it whenever they want.
  • You can create an anonymous online questionnaire, so people can feel free while answering. It translates into honest answers and more detail in the responses.
  • An online questionnaire allows you to analyze responses in real time, unlike a paper survey that requires more time for both data collection and tabulation.

Advantages & disadvantages of developing an online questionnaire

Online questionnaires can be a powerful tool if used correctly. They can help your company gather valuable information to improve products or services. They can also be used to define and implement strategies to gain market share.

What is the benefit of an online questionnaire?

Some of the benefits of developing an online questionnaire are easy to identify, some others are in need of more attention. Let’s get to know some of them to have a better understanding of what the best online questionnaire should be giving you.

benefits of an online questionnaire

  • Get information in real time: Online questionnaires, unlike the traditional paper-based method, allow you to obtain answers from a large part of the sample population immediately. 
  • Greater reach: This is one of the most important advantages. Online questionnaires allow you to reach as many people as you want quickly and easily. You can send them through emails, QR codes, publish them on your social networks, web pages or send your surveys by SMS
  • Save resources: Online questionnaires are significantly cheaper than doing them on paper. In addition, you reduce the resource of time, since it is not necessary to go to each person to answer and process the information. 
  • Better segmentation: An online questionnaire allows you to segment your sample precisely according to the factors that suit you best. Thus, you will be able to obtain more valuable and accurate responses. 
  • Greater participation: This point involves factors such as the length of the questionnaire, the ease and accuracy of the questions and the design, in addition to the fact that you can create mobile surveys and reach your participants wherever they are.  


Those responsible for implementing questionnaires know how valuable this tool is for obtaining information and developing future projects. But many times decision makers prefer to use other types of data collection methods.

Some of the disadvantages of developing an online questionnaire are:

  • Internet access: Some of the online surveys require internet access in order to be conducted. However, with QuestionPro you can conduct a survey without the need for an internet access, thanks to our offline survey app
  • Having a computer or mobile device: In order to conduct an online survey, you must take into account that your sample population has a mobile device or computer to respond.
  • Training to use a survey software: Before developing the online questionnaire, it is necessary that the researchers know the characteristics of the tool and knows how to use it. This way, they will get the most out of it.
  • Difficult to obtain answers from elderly people: Generally, elderly people do not have much knowledge about new technologies, so you should consider that it will be difficult to obtain answers from this market segment, and if necessary, you should adjust it to their needs.

The online questionnaire is a useful tool for a fast and efficient research process. With QuestionPro, you can do it easily and get the information you need to make the right decisions for your organization.

In this video you can learn a little more about our platform.

Examples of online questionnaires

Here you will find some examples of questionnaires that can serve you as a guide to design your next survey and get the results you want.

Mobile App

With QuestionPro, it is possible to leave behind paper and use the app for questionnaires that will allow you to add any type of questions and survey logic that the platform has.

In addition, it is possible to conduct user surveys without the need of internet access. Respondents can answer the questions as per their convenience. The responses are stored locally and once they reconnect with the internet, the answers are transferred to the server. QuestionPro users can generate reports, export results or download them to use them offline.

Some of the features available in our app for questionnaires are:

  • Access or login question
  • Synchronization of answers
  • Language selection
  • Kiosk mode
  • Design in our interface and a fast user experience
  • Smooth animations

In addition to the many other features of our survey app, it is also possible to use a wide variety of questions that can be effective for your research process:

Creating your online questionnaire

The best way to use online questionnaires for your advantage is to design the perfect mix for your customers and their needs. With QuestionPro, you can get the information you need through the best online questionnaires using the features of our powerful tool. 

Create a free account and let’s start designing your online questionnaire. No credit card required.