Kiosk mode

survey kiosk mode

What is kiosk mode?

Use your apple or android device to create a kiosk experience for your surveys - without the need to buy additional equipment. You can use your smartphone or tablet to deploy secure, reliable, and safe kiosk surveys.

The kiosk mode helps you capture responses while restricting respondents from using other applications on the device. It also helps to keep survey takers from tampering with the survey settings. You can use the kiosk mode on your device as a flexible survey-taking station.

Example of kiosk mode

Thousands of businesses set up stalls at trade shows to display their products and services. For increased customer engagement, secure data collection, and to build a social presence, they set up portable kiosks to collect feedback from attendees. They do not need additional equipment to set the kiosk up because a smartphone or a tablet works just as well.

Uses of kiosk mode

The kiosk mode is useful at trade shows or conferences as you do not need to invest in additional survey equipment. Use it when you want to collect responses on your won device. Enabling the kiosk mode restricts users from using any other application in the device.

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Advantages of kiosk mode

Here are the advantages of using kiosk mode for surveys:

How to use kiosk mode?

Learn how to set up and use this feature with our help file on kiosk mode.

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