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What is a paper survey?

A questionnaire printed on paper is called a paper survey. Paper questionnaires might seem outdated, but many market researchers still use them. Many online tools let you distribute your research questionnaires on paper apart from mediums like email, QR code, mobile app, website, and social media sites. Paper-based surveys increase response rates and target difficult to reach audiences.

Sometimes a physical copy of a questionnaire is shared with people who may not have access to an online version. In such cases, a paper survey creator allows you to be able to print your questionnaire in its entirety or export it to word or pdf.

Paper surveys give all targeted participants equal opportunity to respond. You can also print to applications like OneNote, Google Drive, and others installed on your machine. A printable survey maker also lets you print responses on paper.

In case you don't want to print the list of questions, you can save it as a PDF. You can change the destination to 'Save as PDF'. Market researchers use a paper survey scanner to scan the questionnaire and digitize the survey responses. Once they move the responses online, the survey software can generate statistical reports. You can export these in excel, pdf, or SPSS formats.

Example of a printable paper survey

Assume you need to print a course evaluation survey. The print preview will show all the questions along with their response options.

paper survey

If you don't have a printer configured on your machine, it will choose an application installed on your computer best suited to write the file.

Uses of a printed paper survey

Advantages of paper surveys

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How to print paper surveys?

Learn how to set up and use this feature with our help file on Print Survey.