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What is a QR survey or a QR code survey?

A QR code or Quick Response code is a type of 2D matrix based code that is used by machines or devices with the optical reading capability to find information that is within the code. QR codes are black and white codes and mostly contain web URL’s that a user directs to and sees a live link.

A QR survey or QR code survey is a survey URL embedded in the code that people can scan and be directed to the study and input their responses. Efficiently collecting feedback from surveys is imperative, and using QR codes is a secure distribution method. These codes can be easily set-up and printed at one go and then can is used multiple times. The survey works just like the way it is supposed to without the hassles of distributing the survey via email or SMS or asking respondents to type in complex URL’s.

For example, you are at a convention, and you want feedback from the people that visit the booth. Just set up your online survey and embed the survey URL in the QR code and print it out. When people walk by the booth, they can scan the code which opens the survey where they can put in their feedback and helps to collect responses.

With the ease of use and the ability to create a QR code with a QR code generator, scanning QR codes is available with most mobile devices, and efficiently. It is fast becoming the easiest method to collect actionable insights from an audience that may not be previously defined.

Since QR codes do not expire, they are in use until you choose to stop collecting feedback from that survey.

Uses of a QR code survey

A researcher uses a QR code survey when there is a need to collect multiple survey responses where the audience is undefined. These codes come in use when there is no scope to distribute surveys via email, SMS, phone, or any other distribution method.

Example of a QR survey

Imagine you are a student in the classroom, and the teacher, on completion of the course, wants to evaluate the course on various parameters. By setting up an online survey and embedding it in a QR code image that is distributed in a print format or on the presentation deck, easily allows the students to scan and provide feedback.

QR Code Surveys

Advantages of using a QR code survey

There are many advantages of a QR survey that make them an integral part of the research and insights collection process. They are:

How to set up a QR code survey?

Check out our QR code survey help document on how you can create and efficiently distribute the online survey.