Word cloud analysis


What is word cloud analysis?

A word cloud analysis, also known as a weighted list, represents visually the most commonly used phrases or words from your open-ended answers. The tag cloud or word cloud excludes commonly used words to bring forth important words from survey responses.

Word clouds or weighted lists display words or survey responses as a text graphic, the most common value written represented by the largest text.

Examples of word cloud analysis in a survey

  1. Imagine you are conducting an employee experience survey. This section has open-ended questions with regards to your onboarding experience or processes. Using the tag cloud, you can determine which phrases or words were most used in the open-ended responses. Based on that, you can determine if their experiences were good or bad. So a word cloud for this essentially would have words such as long, bad, unplanned, unscheduled, pleasant, informative, boring, etc.

  2. Word-cloud1
  3. If you are conducting customer experience surveys, word cloud comes in handy to quickly understand customer feedback. Looking at the result of the tag cloud in your report, you can clearly understand if their experience was positive or negative. The word cloud would typically have words or phrases such as really bad, disappointed, excellent, revisit, good service, high price, poor quality, value for money, etc.

  4. Word-cloud2

Uses of word cloud in surveys

A word cloud can come in handy when conducting customer satisfaction surveys. Customers will put in comments and feedback in the open-ended questions. Based on the frequent usage of words or phrases such as good, satisfied, bad, negative, dissatisfied, unhappy, delighted, etc. the word cloud will be populated and show you the prominence of those phrases or words.

Advantages of creating surveys with a word cloud

How to use word cloud in surveys?

To use word cloud in your surveys read our help files on how to set up a word cloud.

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