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Survey Template Library

Employee Surveys

Concerns about dissention, appearing overly eager, feigning praise, or drawing too much attention can all lead employees to adjust their opinions to match what is perceived to be the desired response. Our Human Resource template library would be a communicating medium, between you and your employees. The anonymity of these online survey templates helps alleviate these problems giving human resource departments a realistic assessment of company culture. You can then make policies in the right direction.

Employee exit interview including evaluation of relationship with co-workers, The Job, Benefits and company evaluation. 42

Employee evaluation of the company and supervisor. 33

Employee exit form including reasons for leaving. 14

Comprehensive employee benefits survey. 50

Work environment, communication, benefits, expectations, harrassment, manager evaluation. 23

Knowledge and communications systems within the organziation: Presence and evaluation. 10

Job evaluation... branching for directors to consider future needs and issues. 52

Evaluation of communication and feedback skills of a manager 8

Employee Job Satisfaction Survey (Very Long) 34

Employee evaluation of job climate and company support 18

Customer evaluation of expertise and problem solving ability of technical support staff 9

Evaluation of communication information and strategy within the company 21

Supervisor is evaluated for training and development of employee 20

Job satisfaction... what can be done to improve 36

Meeting organizer and agenda submission 10

7 Questions: Quality of communications to and with the employee 7

9 Questions: Job Support, Empowerment, Value and Recognition 9

10 Questions: Supervisor Evaluation by Employees 10

7 Questions: Evaluation of senior management vision and employee satisfaction with management. 7

7 Questions: Teamwork, spirit of the team. 7

4 Questions: Evaluation of quality of client service 4

8 questions: training, career opportunities, skill development. 8

10 Questions: Overall evaluation of the company 10

Evaluation of employee potential for quiting 5

Stress leads to dissatisfaction and quitting. 9

Self evaluation of productivity and quality 9

Evaluation of Job Climate 7

7 Questions dealing with job climate: expectations, direction, information, cost-efficiency, goals, ideas and satisfaction. 7

Company evaluation: satisfaction with position, training, advancement prospects 40

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