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Survey Template Library

Marketing Surveys

Use this template to capture the key information that you need for developing a thorough marketing strategy.Use the information that you collect in the questionnaire to build your key marketing strategy.

A short survey using choice alternatives from a conjoint analysis study. 12

Consumer product registration, purchase reason, demographics. 45

Battery of sales training evaluation questions useful for professional B2B courses. 14

Evaluation of use of marketing services 53

Gasoline purchases profile and pricing evaluation... customer survey. Includes credit card usage and decision variables. 20

Sales contact (customer information and registration) form. 22

Concept evaluation and pricing study for new product or service. 23

Concept test for new services. 21

Brief Product Concept Test 13

Concept test survey for a new product/service concept. 18

Customer information and company profile / product use and budget survey. 18

Series of questions analyzing an ad to find how it is received. 27

Ad relevance, believability, motivation, descriptive profile plus viewer life style measures. 32

An evaluation of effectiveness of sales training presentations, skills, analysis tools and strategies. 20

A two battery set focusing on shopper involvement: search, knowledge etc. 32

Evaluation of competitive positioning and corporate marketing effectiveness. 34

Consumer product warranty card: customer identification, usage occasion, demographics. 20

Followup evaluation of product perceptions and company information 38

Feedback from dealers of channel support from supplier/manufacturer 41

Evaluation of membership value and activites 7

this is a survay that i have created for my business studies GCSE course work 8

Concept evaluation and pricing study for new product or service. 14

Likwid Rekordz Data Survey - 2003 8

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