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Survey Template Library

Website Surveys

Website Surveys are a great way to understand customer feedback on new product lines, features, and services. Website Surveys help you gain a real-time understanding of market needs to maintain a competitive edge. Survey templates are there to help understand website visitor needs and gauge the overall effectiveness of your online presence. The Marketing Survey Templates below include website evaluation, e-commerce services, website retailer satisfaction, ISP service evaluation, and more.

Survey use of non-Internet services and which services would be used if available online. Also providing website evaluation. 16

Web building activities survey providing corporate demographics and investigation of web building expenditures and activities. 18

Customer service evaluation and feedback survey on speed, quality, and overall customer satisfaction. 18

Website visitor profile survey to determine the use of site pages, existing hardware, software, and line speed. 10

Online Retailer Evaluation Survey focused on attitudes about purchasing online and at a given site. 16

University bookstore online survey to determine products and services to be offered. 28

Website evaluation survey to determine customer usage patterns and overall site desirability. 13

Service evaluation survey and customer feedback for an Internet Service Provider. 17

Website retailer satisfaction survey based on how users found the site, items searched for, customer satisfaction, and feedback. 9

Website visitor follow-up survey providing demographics, how users found the site, what users are looking for, hobbies, access, and suggestions. 17

Online purchase habits survey to see if users have purchased, what they purchased from, what they spent. 12

Website feedback survey of how users got to the site, what they are interested in, and their demographic profile. 17

Internet purchase dialog survey to determine shopper feedback to the internet retailer while shopping? 12

User website survey determining user location, age, and interest. 10

Website evaluation survey based on user experience. 19

Customer internet habits and uses survey based on user preferences. 9

Web demographics survey including assessment of resources needed by impaired. 27

Quality and completeness of web site documentation and information. 16

Website feedback and respondent internet usage survey. 23

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