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Enquêtes d'entreprises et enquêtes B2B

QuestionPro vous apporte des enquêtes gratuites sur les entreprises, y compris des sondages B2B, créés par des experts de l'industrie dans plusieurs secteurs. Ces questions de modèle d'enquête sur les entreprises sont créées pour vous fournir les meilleures réponses et aperçus de votre audience cible. Vous pouvez utiliser ces questionnaires gratuits comme exemple d'enquête et d'exemple ou simplement utiliser le modèle directement. Ces enquêtes comprennent des évaluations de clients, des services de fournisseurs ou de fournisseurs, des données démographiques sur les entreprises, la gestion des connaissances commerciales et bien plus encore. Choisissez simplement un modèle qui répond à vos besoins, modifiez-le et envoyez-le!

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Évaluation des clients de la société Template services

17 des questions

Client évalue la société sur le service à la clientèle et de répondre aux besoins de l'entreprise.

Business Surveys & B2B Surveys

Fournisseur Modèle d'évaluation des services

40 des questions

l'évaluation des services du fournisseur pour les entreprises à l'application d'affaires.

Business Surveys & B2B Surveys

Seminar Purchase Motivation

24 des questions

Seminar purchase motivation and followup for leads.

Business Surveys & B2B Surveys

Société - Enquête sur la gestion des connaissances

10 des questions

systèmes de gestion et de communication des connaissances au sein de l'entreprise

Business Surveys & B2B Surveys

Knowledge Management Template Survey

18 des questions

Une évaluation approfondie du soutien de la société de concessionnaires.

Business Surveys & B2B Surveys

Satisfaction Transportation Company Template

72 des questions

enquête B2B de satisfaction de la clientèle pour la société de transport.

Business Surveys & B2B Surveys

GDPR Survey Template for Data Collection

15 des questions

GDPR Survey Template for Data Collection by QuestionPro has 15 questions related to data protection. For all organizations based out of or dealing with an organization from Europe, they need to abide by the GDPR rules. This is a customizable GDPR questionnaire example which survey makers can implement to ensure GDPR and data security rules are followed and that the customers' data is safe. Some of the question examples are "Is GDPR compliance a top priority for your organization?", "Is there any process set in your organization for reporting a data breach?"

Business Surveys & B2B Surveys

Strategic Planning Survey Questions Template

19 des questions

Strategic Planning Survey Template can be implemented to gain insights into an organization's strengths and weaknesses. These questionnaires are used to understand areas of improvement to ensure continuous growth by creating a strategic plan to improve products/services on the basis of the feedback. With this sample, a survey maker can edit the questions as per their application and send out the survey for improved strategic planning for the organization.

Business Surveys & B2B Surveys

Solar Energy Power Survey Questions Template

15 des questions

Solar energy survey questions and sample questionnaire template to understand the importance of solar power and the impact it can have on clean and renewable energy production. These survey questions can be administered at an organization level, since most impactful solar and renewable energy decision are made at the highest levels. This questionnaire asks surveys respondents questions on their past, current and future plans and investments to tackle global warming using solar energy as the mode for a renewable and clean energy source.

Business Surveys & B2B Surveys

Fast Food Survey Questions Template

22 des questions

20 Fast Food Survey questions with ready made questionnaire template. This sample survey example aims at gathering critical insights regarding the fast food consumption habits among the customers, the amount of money spent by them on purchasing fast food and gathering feedback about the effects of fast food on health. This QuestionPro questionnaire sample can be edited according to the objective of the survey and sent out to the target audience to get better insights about fast food consumption.

Business Surveys & B2B Surveys

Consumer Finances Survey Questions Template

15 des questions

Consumer Finances Survey Questions Template comprises of various questions related to the financial aspects of every consumer. This QuestionPro questionnaire sample consists of all questions which can help in gathering insights about factors that govern financial decisions, finance damage control actions etc. For example, "What’s your family’s monthly income?"

Business Surveys & B2B Surveys

Climate Change Awareness Survey Template

87 des questions

Climate change awareness survey questions is a questionnaire to understand public perception about climate change and to identify key factors, challenges and barriers to environmental and climate conscious behavior. It will also shed some light on the possible causes for climate change and the factors that influence the same. Such a sample survey template will be helpful to understand how well the audience is aware about the topic ‘Climate change’ or as some call it ‘Global warming’. In many democratic countries, the way in which many policies are formed have some dependence on public opinion, hence understanding audience opinions is critically important, which can help in formulating future environment policies as well as to help promote a better environment.

In the current scenario, climate change is perceived as the most serious danger facing the society, while poverty presents to be the second biggest threat. Climate change is change in the average weather conditions. This can be extreme weather or disasters, temperature rise, etc. During a recent study, a poll was taken to understand climate change awareness. Through this study it was seen that over 40% of the population around the world have never heard about climate change, and this percentage is even more in developing countries. However, climate change awareness is decreasing over the last few years in some countries. It's not because people are not concerned anymore, it's just that there have been some other topics which have become more important.

The United States is a very good example. According to recent studies, there were only 41% of Americans who think that people are being harmed by climate change today. New issues like the global financial crisis, terrorism, growing unemployment rates, new energy policy of the government have taken the pedestal. Because of such reasons, sometimes climate change is left unattended by many.

Following are the questions to understand public opinion on climate change and the factors that influence climate conscious behavior.

Business Surveys & B2B Surveys

Mortgage Survey Template

17 des questions

Mortgage survey questions template is designed to collect information from borrowers about how easy or difficult they find the mortgage process, to help them make better decisions and save the money when they get a mortgage. This sample survey template is designed with targeted questions to understand what borrowers think, experience and relate to the mortgage process. This questionnaire is designed by a team of experts and can be customized to suit the business needs.

This sample template primarily helps organizations/agents/agencies etc. to learn if the borrowers are familiar with the mortgage terminologies, challenges and frustrations do borrowers face, do borrowers trust lenders, what necessary paperwork is required and much more.

Business Surveys & B2B Surveys

Vendor Security and Assessment Questionnaire

45 des questions

The vendor security and assessment questionnaire template is an in-depth questionnaire that is used to bring on or evaluate an existing vendor. This questionnaire has been created by vendor management and sourcing specialists and can be tweaked to collect important data about a vendor that can help to assess if the vendor fits into your organization's plans and what are their security policies. This survey template consists of vendor identifying questions as well as other survey questions that collects in-depth data about their data management policies, methods to safeguard personally identifying information (PII), proactive and reactive security policies and specific policies to manage user data like GDPR compliance.

Business Surveys & B2B Surveys

Environmental Survey Template

59 des questions

The environmental survey helps collect feedback about one’s perception of environmental pollution. This survey was created by environmentalists that are fighting to make the earth a habitable place to live for generations to come. With the help of this survey template, perceptions of people can be captured about the reasons of environmental pollution and the methods to mitigate "global warming". It also can be used to collect data about the in-depth causes of environmental pollution, the steps that can reduce it and the stakeholders that people feel are the most important in tackling environmental pollution problems.

Business Surveys & B2B Surveys

Vendor Satisfaction Survey

32 des questions

Vendor satisfaction survey is a questionnaire to understand how satisfied a customer is with it’s vendor. This survey aims to identify the requirements of a customer and what are the factors that can strengthen the vendor-customer relationship. Such a survey can enable vendors to stay ahead in the competition and land up with long term contracts with their customers.

Nowadays vendors are required by every organization. However, the number of vendors for each company are growing exponentially and hence there is tremendous competition. In order to stay in the market, a vendor has to take care of multiple things like timely delivery, quality of products or service, pricing, etc. Hence, a vendor satisfaction survey will enable vendors to understand what is most important to their customer and how can they strengthen their relation with the customer.

Following are the questions to gather information about how satisfied the customer is with vendor provided services and products.

Business Surveys & B2B Surveys

Personal Finances Survey

18 des questions

Personal finances survey questions template is designed to collect information from individuals to know their awareness regarding personal finances. This survey template is designed to ask individuals about their knowledge and experience with personal finances, mortgages, credit scores, etc. Developing better financial management skills makes it more likely that the person will achieve his/her life goals. Unfortunately, many Americans lack basic personal finance knowledge.

When planning personal finances, an individual needs to have knowledge of budgeting, banking, insurance, credit card, and many other financial products. This free personal finance survey template can be used by market researchers, banks and financial services institutions to learn how aware is their target audience of personal finances. This sample questionnaire is designed by experts and can be customized to suit the business needs.

Below are survey questions related to personal finances:

Business Surveys & B2B Surveys

Renewable Energy Survey

43 des questions

Renewable energy survey questions is a questionnaire to understand public opinion about renewable or green energy. This survey aims to identify what the audience feels about renewable energy and what are the factors that influence them to use it.

The need for renewable energy consumption has become more and more important in recent years, since using renewable energy can now provide sustainable development. The depletion of energy sources and climate change are having a major impact on the world. In today's world, most of our population gets energy from coal, oil and gas, however consumption of these fossil fuels has impacted our environment drastically. Furthermore, these are limited and the rate at which they are being consumed, they are not going to last that long. It had taken millions of years to form these, hence once they are gone, they are gone forever. It is said that coal, oil and gas will all be gone by 2080, considering the rate at which it is being used today. However, there are initiatives being taken to promote renewable energy consumption. Fossil fuels still account for around 80% of energy consumption in the United states, however there is a rise in the use of green energy every year. There are a few parameters because of which the general population is not opting for green energy. To understand why, a renewable energy survey will give an insight into what are those factors that influence the use of green energy and the opinion of general population on renewable energy

Following are the questions to gather information about public's opinion about renewable energy and the factors that influence the use of green energy.

Business Surveys & B2B Surveys

Organic Food Industry Survey

25 des questions

Organic food industry survey questions template is designed to collect feedback from individuals about their knowledge and opinion on organic food. This survey template is designed by experts and asks questions related to what organic products they use or are willing to use. This sample survey template consists of 20+ questions. This questionnaire can be customized to suit the business needs of a researcher.

Organic food is the food produced by the methods that comply with the standards of organic farming. Organic farming uses organic pesticides and refrains from using any chemicals that can damage the physical and mental well-being of an individual. Organic farming generally practices farming methodology to promote ecological balance and conserve biodiversity.

Below are the questions related to organic farming:

Business Surveys & B2B Surveys

Smoothie Survey

22 des questions

Smoothie questions survey templates is designed to collect feedback from individuals regarding what kind of smoothie they prefer. This survey template consists of questions the choices of fruits individuals or respondents would want in their smoothie, if they have ever tried a smoothie previously, if they want food at a smoothie bar and more. This sample survey consists of 10+ questions. This questionnaire can be customized to suit the need of an individual, researcher or business.

A smoothie is a thick, creamy, cold non-alcoholic beverage that is usually made with fruits and vegetables, either individually or in combination of both. It is a good and a healthy alternative to tea and coffee. The healthfulness of a smoothie purely depends on the ingredients that are used in it. Many smoothie use generous serving of fruits and cream and this can very well be used as a replacement of meal considering its nutrition quotient. Since smoothies use raw vegetables and fruits, it consists of dietary fiber and so smoothies are thicker than fruit juices.

Below are the questions related to smoothies:

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Project Management Software Survey

27 des questions

Project management software survey questions templates is designed to collect feedback on project management software. This survey template is designed with questions that ask a respondent about team working, communication and work structures. This sample survey is designed to suit the business needs of an organization or individuals. This questionnaire consists 25+ questions and can be customized by adding more relevant questions.

Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques that is required to successfully complete a project. Every project is unique and requires different skill sets and knowledge to complete it successfully. It is a specific set of operations designed to achieve a singular goal. It is essential that the software related to manage this platform is unique and covers all attributes necessary to successfully achieve that goal. In this survey template questions related to skills, techniques, tools etc that are required for the project are asked.

Below are the questions related to project management software:

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Project Extranets in the Construction Industry

56 des questions

Project extranets in the construction industry survey questions is a questionnaire to understand the usage extranets, the potential benefits, the barriers and the overall opinion about its use in the construction industry.

For instance, it is essential for project team members in the construction industry to access drawing, photographs, and documents. All of this needs to be online and it is necessary to have features such as commenting or modifying these documents in real-time. For such cases, an extranet is used, which allows all members who are given access to the specific documents to communicate effectively in the team.

Following are the questions to gather opinions from the users about the potential benefits and barriers that come along with project extranets:

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Client Experience Survey Template

30 des questions

You don’t need to be a mindreader to know what your clients want — simply send a questionnaire. One of the best ways to learn clients’ experience is to conduct surveys. The client experience survey questions let you gather the required feedback from which can be used to make important business decisions. If the responses are positive, you can continue with what works. On the other side, negative responses point the way towards improving their experience. Below are some of the sample client experience survey questions that you can use to know more about what clients think about your products/services. Utilize this sample survey template to predict if your present clients are likely to your future clients as well.