Free Survey Template Library With Survey Examples

B2B Surveys

Quality Surveys can get you quality response, in turn increasing the quality of service that you offer to your customers. You can use this template to gather information from your customer base. If we have missed out anything you can easily customize the templates and add your own questions to the survey.

B2B Surveys

Client Evaluation of Company Services Template

21 questions

Client evaluates the company on customer service and meeting the company needs.

B2B Surveys

Supplier Service Evaluation Template

40 questions

Supplier service evaluation for Business to Business application.

B2B Surveys

Business to Business Demographics (Short)

4 questions

Firm industry and size (4 questions)

B2B Surveys

Seminar Purchase Motivation

24 questions

Seminar purchase motivation and followup for leads.

B2B Surveys

Company - Knowledge Management Survey

10 questions

Knowledge management and communications systems within the company

B2B Surveys

Knowledge Management Survey Template

18 questions

Thorough evaluation of company support of dealers.

B2B Surveys

Transportation Company Satisfaction Template

72 questions

B2B survey of customer satisfaction for transportation company.