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¿Qué es la lógica de ramificación simple y compuesta?

Con la ramificación simple, no se puede configurar la lógica basada en respuestas a múltiples preguntas. También, con la ramificación simple, la lógica se ejecuta inmediatamente.

Con la ayuda de la lógica de ramificación compuesta, puedes configurar ramificaciones basadas en respuestas a múltiples preguntas en la encuesta.

Delayed Branching: With Delayed Branching, you can set up Branching Logic based on a question which was asked much earlier in the survey.

Compound Branching and Delayed Branching can be used in combination in a survey.

Consider this example:
Q1: Gender
Q2: Age
Q3: General question to be answered by everybody
Q4: General question to be answered by everybody
Q5: General question to be answered by everybody

After Q5, respondents should branch to different questions based on their selection in Q1 AND Q2:

Q6: To be answered only by respondents who selected Gender=Male and Age=18 & above
Q7: To be answered only by respondents who selected Gender=Male and Age=18 & above

All respondents should again answer the rest of the questions.

Q8: General question for all respondents
Q9: General questions for all respondents.

Steps for setting this up:

Before setting up the logic, set up all the questions in the survey.

Since the logic should be executed on Question 5 – Q5 in this case, click on the Logic button for this question:

  • Login »  Surveys »  (Select Survey) »  Edit Survey
  • Set up all of the questions in your survey. This will make it easier to track any branching you program into the survey.
  • Hover over the question you want to branch FROM (in this case, Q5). This will bring up the fly-out menu on the right side of the screen.
  • Click Logic.
  • Select Compound/Delayed Branching.

Survey Software Help Image

Step 1: Define Criteria

  • Click on Create New and enter in a criteria name.
  • Select Criteria Type
    • Responses to the survey – Use to base your logic on how respondents answer certain questions in the survey.
    • Custom / System Variables – Use to base your logic on custom/system variables passed or updated previously in the survey.
  • Select the question on which you wish to base logic. In our example, the first question we want to use is Q1.
  • Select the logic operator and answer option(s). In this example, we’re setting up the first criteria, so we want to set Q1 = Male AND Q2 = 18 & Above.
  • You can add up to 5 additional conditions.
  • Click Save & Use This Criteria.

Step 2: Set Logic

  • Once the criteria is set, select the jump to option if criteria matches.
  • Add the otherwise logic which will be performed if the criteria does not match.
  • Click Save Logic.

In this example, the last step would be to add a page break after Q7 for functionality. Otherwise, Q8 will appear on the same page as Q7, which would confuse respondents and interfere with the logic of the survey.

License & Access Options

This feature/tools described here are available with the following license(s) :

  • Corporate Edition – Buy Now – $75/Month
    • Unlimited Surveys, Questions, Responses
    • Advanced Toolset and Features
    • No Long Term Commitment