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Survey and Questionnaire design for maximum response collection and insights!

Picking the right survey design can be key to gaining the information you need to make crucial decisions. You must choose the right topic, select the correct questions and pick the right question types. If this is your first time creating a survey, it can seem like a daunting task, although with QuestionPro, each step of the process is made simple and easy.

Explore the best range of Survey Design and customization options that are visually elegant and functionally robust.

20+ Professional Survey Themes

Choose from various, professionally designed survey themes

Page Breaks

Add page breaks after each section of the survey.

Headers and Footers

Customizable survey Headers and Footers. Add HTML and logos into the header and footer of the survey.

HTML in surveys

Use HTML to customize the surveys.


Customizable buttons for submit and continue.

Back Button

Display 'Back' button on the survey allowing respondents to go back to the previous page to edite/review response.

Exit Survey Button

Allow respondents to exit the survey without answering or midway.

Survey Progress Bar

Display progress bar on the survey to let respondents know the percentage of survey loaded.

250+ Free Online Survey Templates & Survey Examples

Survey Questions

Best collection of Survey Questions for Incredible Survey Design

How to Pick a Survey Design Format

Create Surveys

Survey Creation

With QuestionPro as your survey design platform, you'll have dynamic questionnaire tools, able to be utilized among virtually all devices. Creating an account is simple, free and only takes a few seconds. Once your account is established, you have three ways to create a survey, either by choosing a template from our vast library, import questions you have typed up in Microsoft™ Word™, or starting fresh from a blank template. You have many customization options, which include picking a pre-made theme, or by modifying the very CSS that creates the survey.

Collect Responses

Feedback Collection

When you're survey design is created and customized, you have many options for delivery. You can send your survey directly over your social media network like Facebook and LinkedIn, in addition to creating a custom email list. With the direct link provided, you're able to send it to anyone on just about any medium. In addition, you can generate a QR code that will link directly to the survey. If you don't have any respondents, you also have the option of buying a sample audience, with specific demographics targeted like age, gender and location.

Analyze Results

Results Analysis

You can see a real-time report of your results when your survey design is live and being distributed. This includes the number of respondents who took your survey, either completed it or dropped out and the average time they spent on your survey. These results are reported with visual aids, such as pie charts and bar graphs. Filtering is easy and done right with QuestionPro. Available to you is the option of exporting the raw data and then bringing into a program like Excel or SPSS for more in-depth analysis. With only a couple of clicks, your reports can be sent to your entire social media network.

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