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What is survey skip logic and branching?

Skip logic and branching is defined as a feature that moves respondents to a different question or page based on their response to the current question. This feature can show a different question sequence by skipping a question or a set of questions to maintain the flow of a response in the survey. You can define custom rules in the survey design to create a custom path for each respondent depending on the answer to a specific question, geo-location of the respondent, etc. Skip logic survey create “intelligent” surveys i.e., respondents can answer only relevant questions based on their answers to screening questions.

For example, a patron at a restaurant can be asked if he/she enjoyed their meal. If the answer is no, the survey questions branch out to ask a future question - “Can you rate your experience on the basis of the following parameters.” with a few options about service, quality of food, ambiance, pricing and the behavior of the restaurant staff. If the answer to the question is yes, a follow-up question about what part of the experience made them respond yes, can be asked.

Skip logic and branching is achieved by using boolean statements. The conditions can be configured as if answer choice 2 is picked on question 3, then skip directly to question 10. If not, continue to question 4. Skip logic works only forward though. Hence it is important to decide the flow of questions within the survey beforehand and then apply the skip logic as per the requirement.

Example of skip logic branching - Conditional survey question

Consider Kroger conducting a survey with its patrons to understand the purchasing trends in their grocery sections. This survey can be conducted across the country and demographics to collect deeper insights into the purchasing psyche. The survey response data can be used to create a marketing strategy including messaging, advertisements and offers to be made for the targeted audience. The skip logic and branching can be applied to questions as below.

Survey skip logic and branching

For any of the first four options, the question branches to collect further details.

skip logic and branching

If the respondent selects option 5 - 'Never' in the first question, it branches out to a question that collects responses to help increase sales.

Survey branching

Uses of skip logic or survey branching logic

The simplest use of a skip logic survey is in a situation when respondents need not view some responses or questions. Some common types of projects or surveys that use skip logic and branching are:

Survey data is a good yardstick to gauge the demand in the market, understand consumer behavior and collect preferences of the target audience. Skip logic and branching can be used to jump to a different set of questions based on the answer selection.

Types of skip logic or branching logic

There are two types of skip logic and branching.

Advantages of using skip logic or branching in surveys

How to use skip logic or branching in your surveys

Check out our skip logic and branching help document for a better understanding of how it works.