Branching from Multiple Select

How to set up branching for multiple select type questions

Consider the below example: You are asking respondents to select credit cards they have and for each credit card, you wish to collect further information using follow up questions.


If the respondents select the options Visa and American Express, they should only be asked follow up questions for Visa and American Express cards. They should skip questions for Master and Discover cards.

To set this up, first set up the entire survey with all questions. View screenshot:


Now we need to set up logic on the question: What types of credit cards do you have (Select all that apply)?

  • Click on Login » Surveys (Select Survey) » Edit Survey
  • Click on the Logic button on the fly-out menu for the question.
  • On the popup, you will be on the Branching / Skip Logic screen.
  • For the Answer Options, select the corresponding jump to location.
  • Optional - You can also assign piping text for each answer option.
  • You can also enable Looping option which allows you to dynamically "loop" through a set of questions based on responses to a multiple choice question.
  • Click on the Save Logic button.


When logic is set up for a question, a page break is automatically inserted. This page break is necessary for branching to function properly and cannot be removed.

Now to complete the proper logic flow, we need to set up branching logic for each of the follow up question to point to the common question which all respondents should answer after going through the logic loop. To set this up, set up default branching for each follow up question to the question: Terminate Survey


For example, please refer this following survey URL.