Text Piping

What is piping?

Piping enables you to carry text from one question to the next depending on the options selected by the respondent. For example, if you have a scenario as shown below: In the first question, you ask about a product purchase. You want to insert the name of the product indicated in question 1 as part of the question text for question 2.

Piping will enable you to replace XXXX with the appropriate text. If the respondent had selected Product A for question 1 then question 2 will be displayed as:

How can I set up piping?

To set up piping, go to:

  • Login » Surveys (Select Survey) » Edit Survey
  • Hover over the question you want to pipe text FROM until the fly-out menu appears on the right side of the screen.
  • Click Logic.
  • Select Branching/Skip Logic.
  • For the Answer Options, select the jump to location. Note: If branching is not set up for the answer option you want to pipe text from, the piping will not work.
  • Select Piping Text as the Piping Variable. Enter the text you want to pipe forward in the text box. Note: If piping text left blank, then the text of the answer option (for close-ended questions) or text entered by the respondents (for open-ended respondents) will be displayed.
  • Click Save.


In the destination question, use the ${piping_text} tag wherever you would like the piped text to show up. For example, in the above scenario, question 2 would be set up as:

Survey Software Help Image

Can I carry over the Piping Text to multiple pages?

Piping Text can only be carried over to the immediate next page. If you wish to carry over text to multiple pages you can do so using Custom Variables.

Is there any limitation on the number of characters that can be piped?
Piping text has a limitation of 255 characters (including spaces and special characters).