Text piping


What is text piping?

Text piping enables you to carry text from one question to the next, depending on the options selected by the respondent.

With piped text, survey creators can customize question and answer choices based on the respondent's answer in the previous question. They need to use a code in the survey. If a question has a piping text configured for it, it will save the response as piped text.

Piping using a variable:

Piping text can be carried over to the immediate next page with the help of a piping variable. If you want to carry over text to multiple pages, you will need to use custom variables/question code syntax. When respondents take the survey, the piping text will be replaced with the specified content.

Piping using the question code:

To pipe the answer options of the questions, you can use Question_Code syntax. The option that will be selected in that specific question will get replaced with the question code syntax.

Note: The page breaker is necessary to make this code work properly.

Example of piping text

Consider a multiple-choice question that asks respondents to choose their favorite brand.

text piping with variable

If you want to pass the answer selected by the respondents to the next question, set the answer option as the piping text.

Pipe text

Use the code for piping text in a different question. When the respondent moves to that question, the code will be replaced with the text stored in it.

text piping with variable

On selecting “Nike” as the option, the code will be replaced with the text.

text piping with variable

Example of piping with question code syntax

If you want the selected option from the Q1 question to appear in the Q2 text, use the ${Q1} question code syntax in the Q2 question. Also please note, page breaker is necessary to make this code work properly. Text piping with question code will only if the destination question is on a later page.

text piping with question code

With question code, you need not set piping text for all answer options in Q1. Whatever option you choose, will be displayed in Q2.

text piping with question code text piping with question code

Uses of piping text

Piping text can be used in the question text, answer option, or logic.

Note: To apply piping or to pipe the text from one question to another, skip logic is necessary.

Advantages of piping text

How to set up text piping in your surveys?

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