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What is a side by side matrix?

A matrix question allows you to collect data for a single dimension, whereas a side by side matrix lets you collect data in 2 or more dimensions. Each column has sub-columns that collect choices, opinions, and feedback from the respondents. For each answer item in rows, a respondent needs to select one of the options in sub-columns. Survey creators can collect responses to cover multiple characteristics or subtopics of a particular topic with ease.

A side by side matrix allows you to let your respondents choose from several variables to obtain the most accurate data. Depending on the situation, this advanced question type is available in the drop-down menu and radio buttons format. Ideally, this question type should be used when there are many interrelated questions with similar answer options. Instead of presenting each correlated topic as a different question, researchers can use a side by side matrix question to show each question in a grid format. Thus, it reduces repetition in the survey questionnaire.

Example of a side by side matrix question

Below is a side by side matrix question example to gather detailed feedback and preferences of website visitors. Based on their answers, the website administrator can take action to design a website such that it caters to the needs of its visitors.

Although a basic multi-point scale matrix or a Likert scale can be used in above scenario, side by side matrix can combine different variables (columns) for the same set parameters (rows). This reduces the length of the survey questionnaire and makes it compact.

side by side matrix

Another example of side by side matrix application is when product features of different brands need to be compared. Suppose you need to compare what do your respondents prefer between Apple and Dell when it comes to buying a notebook.

side by side matrix question

Uses of side by side matrix question

This advanced matrix question type can be used in scenarios when you want to collect customers’ feedback and satisfaction. Or when the respondents are required to rank a product on several attributes.

Advantages of side by side matrix question

How to use a side by side matrix question in your surveys

Learn how to use this feature and get a better understanding of how it works with our side by side matrix help document.