Constant Sum Survey Question

What is a constant sum type question?

A constant sum question permits collection of ratio data, meaning that the data is able to express the relative value or importance of the options (option A is twice as important as option B).

This example will ask respondents how they would spend $100 on household goods.

Adding a Constant Sum question in the survey

To add a Constant Sum question, go to: Login >> Edit >> Workspace

  • Click on the Add Question button.
  • Now you will see various options, under Basic >> click on Ordering >> Constant Sum
  • Add Row: Use this option to add more Row choices in the answer field.
  • Add/Edit Rows in Bulk: This option helps to add Row choices in bulk. We can copy and paste the list of Row options directly in this field.
  • Required: When you add questions to a survey, by default, required option is turned off. When required option is not enabled, respondents can continue with the survey without selecting answers. If respondents go through all the pages in the survey without selecting answers, the response is still considered as complete. You can enable required option to make a question required so that respondents can continue with the survey only after responding to the questions.