Multiple choice: Select many


What is a multiple choice: select many question?

A multiple-choice select many question types is similar to the multiple-choice single select question type except in multiple choice single select, only option can be selected. However, in multi-select questions respondents can pick more than one answer alternatives.

A multiple-choice question consists of two essential parts. The 'stem' represents the question or the problem statement and a set of alternatives containing a 'key' or the best possible answer. Except for the key, all other answer alternatives are distractors that are plausible or incorrect answers.

Example of multiple choice: multiple select question


Uses of multiple choice select many question

Multi select questions can be used in any scenario when there are more than answers possible. Respondents can select all the options applicable to them. They are often used in online quizzes, course evaluation surveys, market research surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, customer experience surveys and many more.

Advantages of using multiple choice select many questions in surveys

How to add a multiple choice multiple select question in your surveys?

Check out our multiple choice select many help document for a better understanding of how it works.

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