Multiple Choice: Select Many

What is a multiple choice: select many question?

The multiple choice: select many question is a graphical user interface element that permits the user to make multiple selections from a number of options. These answer options are preceded by check boxes or tick boxes.

How can I add a Select Many question?

  • Click on Login >>Surveys >> Edit >> Workspace
  • Click the blue Add Question button.
  • Under Basics, choose Multiple Choice, then choose Select Many.
  • Enter the question text.
  • Add Option: Use this option to add more answer choices in the answer field.
  • Add Other: This option helps to add 'Other' as an answer choice in the list.
  • Add/Edit Answers in Bulk: This option helps to add answer choices in bulk. We can copy and paste the list of answer options directly in this field. You can also enable other option to add 'Other' as an answer choice in the list.
  • Required: When you add questions to a survey, by default, required option is turned off. When required option is not enabled, respondents can continue with the survey without selecting answers. If respondents go through all the pages in the survey without selecting answers, the response is still considered as complete. You can enable required option to make a question required so that respondents can continue with the survey only after responding to the questions.

What features are specific to the multiple select question type?