Multiple choice questions with multi-select answers and validation


Limit the number of choices in a multiple-choice question

A multiple-choice question has many options for respondents to select. However, there are situations when the survey creator wants to limit the number of options that a respondent can choose. For such cases, you can set up multiple-choice questions with validation in your surveys.

You can define both the maximum, minimum, or the exact number of allowed options. The validation should be added while writing multiple-choice questions and answer options.

Example of multiple choice multiple answer with validation

Consider a university that wants to conduct a course evaluation survey. Assume a student has enrolled in 6 subjects in a semester. To proceed with the survey, a student has to choose a minimum of 3 subjects.

To achieve this, toggle the validation button on. Set the minimum number of options to be selected as 3.

limit the number of choices of multiple choice questions

If the survey creator has set “Select At Least” as 3 and the respondent tries to proceed further, it will show a validation message to select more options.

validate multiple choice questions

Types of validation in multiple answer questions

Types of validation to limit the number of choices in multiple-choice questions

How can you limit the number of options a respondent can select?

You can apply choice validation on multiple-choice, multi-select questions in many ways. Consider a question with five options. Some of the ways you can use validation are:

Points to keep in mind while using validation to control the number of choices in multiple-choice questions:

How to set up multiple choice multiple answer with validation in your surveys?

Learn how to set up and use this feature with our help file on the multiple choice, select many question type.

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