Textbox validation


What is the open-ended text validation?

Open-ended text validation restricts the textual question type to allow a specific type of input or the number of characters.

You can configure your surveys to accept answers from respondents that pass certain rules. These rules are the settings or validation conditions that the answers must pass. Survey-creators configure surveys with these settings to collect data that would help them analyze survey results easily. These validation rules also ensure that the responses are of high-quality and standards set by market researchers.

QuestionPro surveys let you set a limit on the number of characters that a respondent can enter in the textbox. It is completely optional, and by default, there is no limit on the number of characters.

If you set the character limit on a question, it does not make the question mandatory to answer. You will need to mark the question as required to answer for the character limits to apply. If this number is set zero, the character limit does not apply. Blank spaces and special characters are counted in the total character limit.

The question will allow any response with that number of characters or lesser. You can apply a character limit in the following question types.

The limit of characters in a textbox applies to all four types of inputs that an open-ended question supports.

Example of limiting the number of characters in textbox

Consider a coffee shop that wants to know if their customers have any comments or feedback for them. Assume the character limit set on this open-ended question is 10. It means respondents can enter text up to 10 characters. They can also choose to skip the question without entering anything. If the respondent wants to enter 'Please change the store timings.', he/she can type only 'Please cha'.


Uses of text validation in surveys

Advantages of text validation in surveys

How to apply the character limit in your surveys?

Learn how to set up and use this feature with our help file on the numeric text box question.

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