Professional Networking Survey Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template

The professional networking survey is a questionnaire that collects feedback from people about their professional networking preferences and interests. This sample survey template consists of questions that help understand a participant’s satisfaction levels and areas that need work. These survey questions can be tweaked to know if the respondent attends offline events or uses professional networking sites or both and how referenceable they are.

What type of membership do you hold?
How important are the following?
Very dissatisfied
Not satisfied
Very satisfied
Monthly meet
Quarterly programs
Annual meet and greet
Annual dinner
Timely newsletter
Opportunity to make business connections
Networking events
Personal networking and socializing
Very dissatisfied
Not satisfied
Very satisfied
Avenues to purchase adspace
Please rate your satisfaction with the below statements on networking events:
Very dissatisfied
Not satisfied
Very satisfied
Overall event experience
Event duration
Quality of speakers
Quality of sessions
Avenues to learn and grow
Opportunities to network
Opportunities to showcase personal and organizational branding
Staff helpfulness
Staff eagerness
Knowledge of staff
Please rate how important are these activities to help this event innovate and increase membership:
Not at all important
Slightly important
Moderately important
Very important
Extremely important
Lower membership fees
Offer pop-up networking events
Create mentor program
Recruit younger members
Recruit more members from the opposite sex
If you have not been attending these events, please state the reasons. Select all that apply
Would you rather:
Which online professional networking site do you use? Select all that apply:
In a typical day, how likely are you to use a professional networking site?
In a week, how often do you use a professional networking site?
In a day, how much time would you spend using a professional networking site?
Is there any other feedback you would like to provide?


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