Volunteer Recruitment Survey Template

Volunteer recruitment survey template provides the top 10 questions that are broadly used while recruiting volunteers for a cause. This sample questionnaire can be customized according to the target of volunteers and also the type of NGO. For example, an NGO dealing with child trafficking may intend to recruit individuals who are either inclined towards saving children living on the streets or those suffering from abuse every day.

Non-profits over the world use surveys or questionnaires to recruit volunteers for their organizations. By conducting a volunteer recruitment survey, non-profit organizations across the world can easily mass recruit a bunch of people using the greatest invention of mankind- the Internet.

How? - They can understand the factors that prompt people to volunteer for causes and recruit volunteers according to the cause they believe in. Information received as a volunteer recruitment survey feedback can be collected and analyzed to recruit volunteers on a regular basis. This survey usually includes questions such as volunteer inclinations, contribution potential, previous experiences, work schedules etc. to seek information about volunteers candidates.
QuestionPro offers a waiver to Non-profit organizations thereby contributing in a way towards a social cause.

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Please enter your email address
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German (Deutsch) Übersetzung fehlt für : Please share your past volunteering experiences
German (Deutsch) Übersetzung fehlt für : What is your age?
German (Deutsch) Übersetzung fehlt für : How many hours in a week will you be able to dedicate for volunteering?
German (Deutsch) Übersetzung fehlt für : Which program are you inclined towards volunteering?
German (Deutsch) Übersetzung fehlt für : Which sections of our NGO would you like to contribute?
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Any specific days on which you can volunteer?
German (Deutsch) Übersetzung fehlt für : How did you gain knowledge about our NGO?


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