Wind Energy Power Survey Questions Template

Wind Energy Power Survey Template designed by QuestionPro consists of carefully curated questions by experts to gain feedback from people to understand if they are well informed about wind energy, their stance on wind energy and if they feel using this type of energy can save some non-renewable energy for the generations to come. This questionnaire consists of 15+ questions that help collect feedback and use this data to analyze the importance of wind energy. This sample survey template can be customized to suit the business needs and to collect research insights.

Which of the following do you see as the biggest concerns regarding your household energy usage?
Do you know the ways of resolving your concerns?
What type of housing do you live in?
How aware are you of Government and private companies supplying wind energy to your locality?
How often do you see a physical wind turbine during commute?
What is your stance on wind energy?
How do you feel about generating your own energy to power your home?
Have you ever thought of installing wind turbines in your house?
Would you prefer a house with a wind turbine?
Would you pay extra rent for a house with wind turbines, in exchange for lower electricity bills?
What would be your most important considerations while buying a wind turbine?
If you were interested in wind energy power, how soon would you like the installation to take place?
In which American state do you live? Please select from the options below.
How did you first hear about wind energy?
Are you aware of any current government/private wind energy schemes running at the minute?

Why Conduct Wind Energy Power Survey?

Here are some of the reasons for conducting wind energy power survey:

  • With the growing population across the globe, there is a threat that non-renewable energy will soon be depleted and there will be very less or no resources left for the future generations. However, if this non-renewable sources of energy is replaced by renewable sources then there might be some hope for the generations to come.
  • In this survey template questions are asked to understand people’s stance on wind energy and if they are aware of private and public organizations and the policies related to wind turbines.
  • QuestionPro’s Wind Energy Power Survey Template consists of questions related to housing types, people’s awareness about government and private companies providing wind energy, wind turbine siting, what do people feel about generating wind energy by themselves, if they want to install wind turbines in their homes, how did they come come to know about wind energy etc. are covered.
  • This survey template can be customized and similar questions can be added to obtain business insights.

Best Uses of Wind Energy Power Survey Template

Here are some of the best uses of the wind energy power survey template:

  • This survey template helps gather feedback on people’s stance on wind energy and their awareness of regulations laid down by the government and private companies regarding the usage of wind energy.
  • This survey template is best used to understand how often people site wind turbines if they would want to install wind turbines in their own homes if they are willing to pay extra for a house which already has wind turbines and similar information.
  • By deploying this survey, researchers can understand how did the respondents first come to know about wind energy and its importance and why they are in favor or against wind energy.

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