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Parent-Teacher Conference Survey Template for Parents

Parents can use our free parent-teacher conference survey template to know more about their children's academic performance, social and emotional behavior at school. You can add customize this sample questionnaire to suit your needs.

Find out how your children behave with their peers and in various social situations. Know if your children find any subjects challenging or have special needs. Know if teachers have any concerns and how you can better support them to help your kids excel at school.

Parent's Name
Child's Name
Child's grade level
Teacher's Name
Academic Performance:
How is my child doing in academics overall?
How is my child doing in the below subjects?
Below average
Does my child face any particular challenge in any subject?
Does my child find it difficult to concentrate on studies?
Do you think my child needs special education evaluation?
Is my child paying attention in the classroom?
What does my child prefer?
What are some of the ways you suggest we can help our child to learn a subject?
How can we help our children to improve in overall academics?
How can we help our children to master their favorite subject?
How do my children do in their assignments, tests, and discussions?
What are my child’s strengths and weaknesses?
Is my child performing at the age and grade level?
Does your school offer professional tutoring?
How do you reward students?
Social and Emotional Behavior
How does my child feel socially with peers?
Does my child feel bullied by others?
What is your school’s policy on bullying?
Who should I speak to if I feel my child is being bullied?
What do you think about my child’s organizational skills?
Does my child talk respectfully with authority figures?
Does my child like to participate in extracurricular activities?
Is my child exceptionally good in any art or sport?
Does my child maintain discipline in the classroom?
What soft skills do you suggest my child should develop?
Is there any specific behavior of my child that you would like to share?
How do stay updated on my child’s performance and school’s programs?
I am going through a tough phase in my life. How can I ensure it doesn’t affect my child?
Do you have any other feedback, suggestions, or concerns?

3 Reasons parents should use free sample parent-teacher meeting template

1. Ready-made questionnaire: Send it as an online survey or print it on paper. Save your time to write down questions. Customize them as required. Create a free account now and get started. It's free for lifetime and you don't need a credit card.

2. Gain behavioral insights: Based on your children's behavior at school, you can gain valuable insights into their psychology and areas of improvement.

3. Offer feedback to teachers: Use this example parent-teacher conference survey template to let teachers know about your experience of the meeting. Offer them feedback and ways to improve the outcomes of the upcoming conferences.