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Encuestas de Servicios Públicos

Platnillas de encuestas para servicios públicos y tu comunidad.

Encuestas para servicios públicos y sociales.

En esta galería podrás encontrar una gran colección de plantillas de encuestas para tu investigación relacionada a servicios ofrecidos al público tanto de manera privada como pública.

Encontrarás encuestas de servicios públicos como de satisfacción del servicio, de instituciones sociales y mucho más, todo enfocado a que puedas conocer de mejor manera a la sociedad o comunidad sobre la cual se desarrollará cierto proyecto o conocer su percepción para mejorar dichos elementos propios de una comunidad o localidad.

Solo tienes que elegir la plantilla que más se adapte a tus necesidades de investigación, despúes podrás utilizarla y modificarla con nuestra plataforma para recolección de datos, añadir tu logotipo y distribuirla mediante email y otros medios.

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Encuestas para estudios sociales

Encuesta para centros de renta de películas

Encuesta con 28 Preguntas

Estos ejemplos de preguntas te servirán para aplicar una encuesta para renta de películas con QuestionPro. Conoce los hábitos de alquiler, compra y descarga de películas.

Este cuestionario incluye preguntas sobre la edición de contenido censurable en películas y las restricciones que un espectador puede ejercer sobre dicho contenido.

Preguntas para una encuesta sobre rentas de películas

Conoce la opinión de las personas que rentan películas en DVD aplicando estas preguntas o utilízalas de guía para crear tu propio cuestionario online y recolectar la información de la audiencia amante del séptimo arte.

Encuestas para estudios sociales

Encuesta de los miembros de una asociación.

Encuesta con 18 Preguntas

Realiza esta encuesta a los miembros de tu asociación

Encuestas para estudios sociales

Encuesta reclutador MEPS

Encuesta con 13 Preguntas

Encuesta de evaluación de reclutamiento

Encuestas para estudios sociales

Encuesta para voluntarios

Encuesta con 2 Preguntas

percepciones de los empleados de voluntarios de la organización y su contribución

Encuestas para estudios sociales

Test de compatibilidad

Encuesta con 15 Preguntas

Un examen rápido de los intereses y hábitos para la compatibilidad de citas

Encuestas para estudios sociales

Church Survey Template

Encuesta con 33 Preguntas

The Church is created for pastors, priests and other Church hierarchy to collect in-depth feedback about the laity of the parish. This in-depth survey template consists of multiple survey questions that collect feedback about the reasons as to why parishioners attend a Church, the reasons they will continue to stay or not and if their spiritual needs are being met by this Church. It can also be used to understand, in what aspects of the Church are the parishioners involved and if they find the operations of the Church including the financial aspects, favorable. This questionnaire helps collect feedback about how long the parishioners have been going there, if the kids are attending Sunday school, if there are equal opportunities to be a part of the choir or part of other charity activities etc.

Encuestas para estudios sociales

Happiness Survey Template

Encuesta con 37 Preguntas

The happiness survey is an in-depth survey that helps to measure the happiness of a respondent. This survey template collects demographic information from respondents and profiles them according to various parameters of their life to gauge the happiness of each respondent. It has built by industry experts that uses various question types to collect feedback about various factors that impact happiness and the aspects of a respondent’s life in which he/she would like to increase happiness. It also helps collect data about the parameters or circumstances in which a respondent feels unhappy.

Encuestas para estudios sociales

Media Accountability Survey Questions

Encuesta con 48 Preguntas

Media accountability survey questions is a questionnaire to gather information what people think about the various media sources. This survey aims to identify perceptions of accountability as manifestations of claims to responsibility and factors that affect the accountability. Media accountability is a term which is often used, however is not clearly defined. It means all mass media has to be accountable in the public's interest. Since the concept is not clearly defined, it will often result with media owners having commercial interests. Due to such reasons, often media sources have to work around to create a positive accountability for their channels. Such a survey template can be used by various media channels to make wise decisions to improve their accountability. It can also be used to educate the general public with findings that showcase the factors that affect media accountability.

In the current scenario, Media accountability has been in talk a lot during the recent political elections in the United States of America. During the elections, media was criticized a lot on the basis that they had been biased to certain parties and politicians. In such a case, media accountability questionnaire can prove to be a boon for these media sources to keep their reputation and accountability strong.

Following are the questions to gather information about public's perception about media accountability and the factors that affect them.

Encuestas para estudios sociales

Gun Control Survey Questions

Encuesta con 42 Preguntas

Gun control survey questions is a questionnaire to gather information what people think about gun violence, gun control, factors and effects of possession of firearms. This survey aims to identify public opinion to understand if possession of guns/firearms is needed for self defense or is it the reason for increasing crime rate. The push to possess firearms for the purpose of self defense and it prevents injury is a false notion and should not be promoted, as this notion has been questioned and proven to be wrong. For most people around the world it is simple, more guns mean more crime and more death. Since, many a times policies and laws can be made with influence of the general population, such a survey will be helpful to gather opinions about gun control and gun violence.

There are tens of thousands of deaths and injuries related to gun violence in the United States. In 2013, there were around 73,505 non fatal injuries and 33,636 deaths because of firearms. We keep hearing about people carrying weapons attacking general public in the news. One of the talked about incident was in 2012, in Connecticut. A 20 year old man with armed pistols and semi-automatic rifle killed around 26 people in a school in Newton. A 2017 study in American journal of public health stated there was a rise of 8.6% homicide rates due to firearms. The American population in 2014 was around 319 million people and 371 million firearms were owned by US civilians. But an in-depth study also revealed that 14% of the US population was the one who owns all of these weapons.

Following are the questions to gather information about public's perception about media accountability and the factors that affect them.

Encuestas para estudios sociales

Disaster Management Survey Questions

Encuesta con 70 Preguntas

Disaster management survey questions is a questionnaire to gather information about the impact of disasters on communities, and the measures they undertake to respond to disasters and how can the risk be reduced. This survey aims to identify public knowledge about disasters and what are the procedures they undertake to respond to disasters. A disaster is a sudden event which disrupts the functioning of a community and caused human, material, economic and environmental losses. Disaster are mostly caused due to nature but sometimes can have a human origin. Disaster management is organization and management of resources and responsibility. It refers to procedures a community can carry out to protect and preserve as much life and property as possible.There are various types of disasters that can occur namely, floods, droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, earthquakes, Tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, epidemic, etc. Such a survey can be helpful to understand how many people are aware of disaster management and accordingly they can be trained for different types of disasters. This will also help understand how much awareness has to be generated to make most people ready and be prepared in case of disasters.

Disasters can be very tragic and can have a very large impact. They will leave a trail of injury, deaths, loss of livestock, loss of property, and economic losses. The event with the highest death toll since 1980 was the Boxing day tsunami in South East Asia which claimed the lives of 220,000 people. In 2017, 335 natural disasters affected 95.6 million people, 9697 deaths and costing a total of $335 billion. In Asia, most disasters are floods and storms, with 44% of all disaster events, 58% total deaths and 70% of total people affected. Despite all of this, America has reported the highest economic losses representing 88% of the total cost from 94 disasters.

Following are the questions to gather information about disaster management knowledge and preparedness for any disasters.

Encuestas para estudios sociales

Quality of Life Survey Template

Encuesta con 47 Preguntas

The quality of life survey helps collect demographic data as well as quality of life data from a wide range of respondents. These survey questions can be used to collect data about an individual and society on general on various parameters like overall quality of life, natural environment, health, housing, community, overall well-being and community and social culture. The most effective use of this survey is by any council, government, consortium, school or organization to collect data about the quality of life of people that are associated with them.

Encuestas para estudios sociales

Social Networking Survey Questions

Encuesta con 46 Preguntas

Social networking survey questions is a questionnaire to understand which social media channel will be the most effective to reach your market segment. This survey aims to identify how the audience uses social media and to discover which is the best social media platform to target the required audience.

Social networking sites have become one of the most viewed sites in the world. The general population spends hours on these sites for various reasons like entertainment, to communicate with customers, or even to conduct market research. The number of social media users in the world is currently at 3.19 billion. From a recent survey, it was observed that around 68% of the American population uses Facebook and around 3/4th of that population accesses it daily. Other than Facebook, there are many more social media sites that are booming nowadays, namely Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter. Etc. These websites also have a niche of their own and can be used for different purpose. For example: most professional connections in these days are made on LinkedIn and many a times even sales leads are closed on LinkedIn. Understanding the importance of social networking, a social media survey would enable a company to find out the most effective channel to reach its market segment.

Following are the questions to gather information about social networking channels:

Encuestas para estudios sociales

Public Library Survey

Encuesta con 27 Preguntas

Public library survey questions template, is designed to collect feedback and opinion from anybody who is or wants to use public library. This survey template consists of questions that any researcher can ask to know about what services are important to the users and how would they like to rate these services based on their availability. This sample survey template consists of 20 + questions to collect first-hand feedback. This questionnaire can be customized to suit the need of a researcher.

Public libraries are accessible to the general public and is usually is funded from public sources, such as the taxes paid by the citizens. Using the public library requires an individual to create an ID for borrowing books, DVDs and other educational material. Public libraries are a good source of maps, town planners, notices etc. A public library is open to all categories of the community.

Below are the questions related to public library:

Encuestas para estudios sociales

Professional Networking Survey Questions

Encuesta con 34 Preguntas

The professional networking survey is a questionnaire that collects feedback from people about their professional networking preferences and interests. This sample survey template consists of questions that help understand a participant’s satisfaction levels and areas that need work. These survey questions can be tweaked to know if the respondent attends offline events or uses professional networking sites or both and how referenceable they are.

Encuestas para estudios sociales

Use Of Plastic Bags Survey Questions

Encuesta con 18 Preguntas

Use of plastic bags survey questions is a questionnaire to understand the perception of the public on abolishing the use of plastic bags. This survey aims to identify the factors that influence the use of plastic bags and what are the reasons behind not choosing to abolish them.

It has been proven through recent studies, that usage of plastic bags has increased tremendously. Plastic bags are made of non degradable material and are a problem to the environment. Plastic items are said to take around 1000 years to decompose and hence if the usage of plastic bags continues, it will be major concern for everyone. Thus, a lot of governments are taking up initiatives to curb the usage of plastic bags and plastic items by the citizens. However, there are some parameters which are still restricting the switch to degradable material. In order to understand the reason why, use of plastic bags survey will give an insight to the researcher with the factors that are influencing public's choice.

Following are the questions to gather public opinion about the usage of plastic bags and the factors that influence their choice.

Encuestas para estudios sociales

NBA Survey Template

Encuesta con 11 Preguntas

The NBA survey is an in-depth questionnaire that is administered to people that watch basketball and even attend games. This sample survey template helps collect data about favorite teams, players and stadiums along with the perceived most important position on the field. These survey questions also help understand people’s perceptions about if the player salaries are justified. You can use this survey template to also understand how fans and spectators indulge with a brand and how to fortify this relationship.

Psychographic & Demographic Surveys

Compra de Vestimenta (Estilo de Vida)

Encuesta con 23 Preguntas

La plantilla de encuesta de vida esta diseñada con preguntas y ejemplos para entender los gustos en ropa y moda de los consumidores.

Esta encuesta tiene una serie de preguntas para entender el comportamiento del consumidor y la psicología mientras compra ropa y accesorios.

La plantilla está compuesta de preguntas sobre la calidad de la mercancía, la disposición a gastar dinero para comprar esos artículos y los factores que influyen en el hábito de compra de los consumidores, etc.

Realiza una encuesta para tiendas de ropa con este artículo que tenemos para ti.

Psychographic & Demographic Surveys

Datos demográficos generales de compra

Encuesta con 11 Preguntas

Características demográficas y comerciales de tiendas y compradores

Psychographic & Demographic Surveys

Actitudes de vida

Encuesta con 21 Preguntas

Inventario de actitudes de vida. 25 preguntas.

Psychographic & Demographic Surveys

Actividades de tiempo libre

Encuesta con 18 Preguntas

Encuestas para conocer las Actividades de tiempo libre

Psychographic & Demographic Surveys

Valores de la vida

Encuesta con 10 Preguntas

¿Qué valores en la vida son más importantes para usted?

Psychographic & Demographic Surveys

Encuesta especialmente diseñada sobre altruismo

Encuesta con 11 Preguntas

La plantilla de encuesta para regalos consiste en realizar preguntas sobre el comportamiento desinteresado de las personas al ofrecer un regalo.

Esta plantilla está diseñada para organizar una entrega de regalos a alguien con la intención de hacerlo feliz, sin necesidad de ser un día especial. Los encuestados necesitan elegir entre las opciones que mejor se adapten a ellos para entender las razones para dar un obsequio.

Ejemplo de encuesta para regalos

Psychographic & Demographic Surveys

Encuesta sobre el uso de periódicos y Televisión

Encuesta con 18 Preguntas

3 preguntas que se ocupan de los periódicos que lee y la cantidad y el momento de ver la televisión.

Psychographic & Demographic Surveys

Compras en línea

Encuesta con 15 Preguntas

La plantilla de encuesta de compras en línea es un cuestionario con preguntas demográficas con quince preguntas relacionadas con el comportamiento de compra en línea de los consumidores.

Esta plantilla tiene preguntas sobre quién es el minorista del Internet que los compradores prefieren para realizar compras regulares y por qué. Además, tiene opciones de respuesta donde los encuestados pueden elegir e indicar mejor cuáles son sus hábitos de compra en línea.

Te compartimos 4 maneras de satisfacer al cliente de una tienda online.

Ejemplo de encuesta de compras en línea

Psychographic & Demographic Surveys

Datos demográficos sobre consumidores e intereses

Encuesta con 4 Preguntas

Breve encuesta demográfica y sobre tus consumidores y sus intereses

Psychographic & Demographic Surveys

Encuesta sobre el Estilo de Vida

Encuesta con 13 Preguntas

Usa esta plantilla para conocer el estilo de vida de clientes potenciales y desarrolla campañas enfocadas en ellos.

Psychographic & Demographic Surveys

Estadísticas demográficas de negocios (Cuestionario Corto)

Encuesta con 4 Preguntas

Conoce las Estadísticas demográficas de negocios con este cuestionario corto, donde se ubican, como se desarrollan, etc

Psychographic & Demographic Surveys

Datos demográficos de Internet y Sitios Web

Encuesta con 33 Preguntas

Obtén Datos demográficos de Internet y Sitios Web para analizar

Psychographic & Demographic Surveys

Control de tu vida

Encuesta con 58 Preguntas

Aprende de ti mismo, conócete y lleva cierto control de tu vida

Psychographic & Demographic Surveys

Estadísticas demográficas de negocios

Encuesta con 14 Preguntas

Obtén todas las Estadística demográfica de negocios que necesitas para realizar un análisis empresarial

Psychographic & Demographic Surveys

Demographic Survey Questions Template

Encuesta con 22 Preguntas

Demographic Survey Template is designed by experts with as many relevant demographic question examples. These survey questions can be used by anyone who needs to collect demographic information. Demographic data collection can be a bit sensitive. Questions need to be framed in a manner keeping in mind that it should not hurt the sentiments of others. This sample survey can be customized and used to suit the needs of a researcher.

Following are the questions to gather demographic information about the respondent.

Psychographic & Demographic Surveys

LGBT Media Survey

Encuesta con 176 Preguntas

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender (LGBT) media survey template consists of questions for evaluating and understanding the reach of media and its use by the LGBT community. This sample questionnaire template was created by industry experts to bring you insightful responses about how the community attitude in general towards the LGBT community be improved. It consists of multiple survey questions that collect demographics information and in-depth information about the perception of the LGBT community and their if the use of media can alter that perception.

Psychographic & Demographic Surveys

Personality Survey

Encuesta con 16 Preguntas

Personality survey template is designed by a team of experts to assess behavior and personality preferences of people. This sample survey template consists of survey questions that will help distinguish abilities from personality. This questionnaire has questions that will help in helping you relate with others feelings, approach your problems, deal with feelings and understand your personality.

Personality survey has become common in the workplace and is deployed to understand the workforce. Research has shown personality questionnaire is a robust predictor of job performance and are used for both screening and deployment process. Not just in organizations but also in schools and colleges, a personality survey helps the management understand if any student, in particular, is facing a tough time which can lead to any violent outcomes.

This questionnaire has no right or wrong answers. The survey is used to simply gauge traits and discover one’s personality.

Psychographic & Demographic Surveys

Sleep Survey Questions

Encuesta con 39 Preguntas

The sleep survey template consists of various survey questions that collects data from a respondent about sleeping habits and causes and reasons of poor sleep in general. This survey consists of various survey questions aiming to understand the frequency of poor sleep and all the factors that cause it. It also collects feedback about the frequency of bad sleep and a respondent’s perceived reasons of sleeplessness. This questionnaire was also created by experts to understand from a respondent, the situations in which they would fall asleep rather than just feel tired or fatigued.

Psychographic & Demographic Surveys

Communication Style Survey

Encuesta con 25 Preguntas

Communication style survey template is designed to help you discover your preferred style of communication. This sample survey template is designed with two question types: questions based on communication and based on personality. This questionnaire is curated by a team of experts and can be customized to suit the need of the one deploying the survey. This survey template will help you pinpoint the experiences that will help you determine your communication style.

The key benefits of understanding a person’s style of communication is you can help them help build their personality, communication is an important aspect when it comes to professional and personal life, an individual can improve on their abilities to communicate and much more.

Psychographic & Demographic Surveys

Youth Crime Survey

Encuesta con 26 Preguntas

The youth crime survey template consists of various survey questions that aim to collect feedback from a respondent about the crimes conducted in the society. This sample questionnaire consists of in-depth questions that enlist the reasons of high crime rate by youth and the different things to mitigate them. It can also be tweaked to profile the reasons that a crime is conducted and if there is any fix of its negative impact on society.

Psychographic & Demographic Surveys

Profile Survey

Encuesta con 18 Preguntas

Profile survey questions is a questionnaire which aims to identify the demographic data points of respondents and to check if they satisfy all the required checklists for the research, and hence to verify eligibility.

Such a survey also helps businesses, government organizations, social scientists and academicians to identify and profile vast markets / geographies. Once profiling survey is complete, further research using additional survey questionnaires can be conducted on the most eligible group of respondents that meet certain criteria's based on their profiles and therefore, collect the most accurate responses and derive better insights.

For example: A high end women’s fashion clothing company wants to find out what are the opinions of the general population about their clothing products? A Profile survey will play an important role here to find out the right audience that can give the company valuable information. Answering questions like gender, age, household income, interests will enable to shortlist only those respondents who represent the company’s target market.

Following are the questions to to find out the eligibility of a respondent to the predetermined parameters of an ideal target group.

Psychographic & Demographic Surveys

Death Penalty Survey

Encuesta con 45 Preguntas

Death Penalty questionnaire and sample survey questions template is deployed to anyone who wants to register their feedback and opinion regarding this penalty. In this survey template questions are asked based on previous experience with violence and crime and what they feel about anyone receiving this punishment. This sample survey template has 30+ questions selected carefully..

Death penalty is considered to be the harshest form of punishment in many countries across the globe. However depending on your nature and severity of crime, the law and order of the country decides whether an individual should be awarded this punishment or not.

Below are the questions to collect feedback regarding death penalty:

Psychographic & Demographic Surveys

Drunk Driving Survey

Encuesta con 15 Preguntas

Drunk Driving Survey Questions Template is designed to collect feedback from people regarding their opinions of drunk driving. This sample survey template consists of 15 questions that help an individual express their free opinion about the ones who risk others lives through this act. This questionnaire can be customized and more questions can be added to suit the needs of researchers. This survey template will help receive first-hand responses on what the common people think about law enforcement against drunk driving.

People driving under the influence of alcohol are called drunk drivers. When charged with this crime the driver is charged under Driving Under the Influence (DUI). Studies have been performed in the past to understand the common attributes among drunk drivers to know what leads them to this behavior. In America alone, 17,000 lives are consumed every year due to drunk driving. This is a huge loss for the families of the victim. In some cases where the victim survives this might lead to trauma and other mental health disorders.

Below are the questions related to drunk driving:

Psychographic & Demographic Surveys

Boredom Proneness Scale Survey

Encuesta con 31 Preguntas

Boredom prone survey questions template is created to collect feedback from individuals about their own relationship with boredom. This survey template consists of questions that help individuals identify if they are easily getting bored or not. This sample survey template consists of 30+ questions. This questionnaire can be easily customized and more number of questions can be added to suit the need of a researcher.

Boredom is a psychological and emotional state of mind when individual is left with no activities to do or has experience a period of dullness. There is no universal definition for boredom. People get tired of doing the same thing in the same manner for a very long period of time and might get bored of it, it is a mental state that leaves them craving relief.

Below are the questions related to boredom proneness:

Psychographic & Demographic Surveys

Bipolar Questionnaire

Encuesta con 19 Preguntas

Bipolar survey template consists of questions that help a medical professional understand whether an individual is showing symptoms of bipolar disorder. This is a self-explanatory questionnaire that even an individual can use to analyze his/her state of mind. This sample survey template can be customized and a number of questions can be added to suit the need of the researcher.

Bipolar disorder is a brain disorder that results in unusual shifts in moods, activity level, quality of work, sleeping pattern and more. An individual who is experiencing bipolar disorder can be extremely happy at one moment and extremely sad the next second. The variations are extreme and irrational. Timely and proper diagnosis can help get treatment in time and lead to a healthy and productive life.

Psychographic & Demographic Surveys

Psychology Survey Questions

Encuesta con 56 Preguntas

Psychology Survey Questions are survey questions asked to understand traits, patterns, or conditions that are affecting the respondent's behavior. Psychology survey questions enable the researcher to understand why people act the way they do when exposed to certain situations. It allows the researcher to determine the triggers for certain behaviors, patterns, and traits that can shed light into the psyche of an individual.

Using such survey questions, a psychologist can suggest treatments to help people improve many things such as decision making, stress management, anger management, Self-esteem, confidence, build stronger relationships, and many more positive things in life.

Following are a few generic psychology survey questions that can help understand behaviors, find patterns, assess traits and determine triggers for certain behaviors.

Encuestas personales

Encuesta para día de San Valentín

Encuesta con 11 Preguntas

¿Qué es lo que quieren las mujeres para San Valentín? Descubrelo tu mismo

Encuestas personales

Objetivos de vida | Plantilla de encuesta

Encuesta con 10 Preguntas

Realiza este test a todos los que te rodean y descubre cuáles son sus objetivos de vida

Encuestas personales

¿Qué tan bien me conoces?

Encuesta con 24 Preguntas

Descubre quienes son tus verdaderos amigos!

Encuestas personales

Encuesta para confirmación de reunión

Encuesta con 9 Preguntas

¡No pierdas tiempo! usa esta encuesta para confirmar todas tus reuniones

Encuestas personales

Test del amor

Encuesta con 12 Preguntas

¿¿¿Amor??? Probablemente si, o quizás...No Hagan este test en pareja y descubra que tan compatibles son

Encuestas personales

El significado de la vida | Encuesta

Encuesta con 5 Preguntas

Una serie de preguntas abiertas para entender lo que son las cosas más imporantes en la vida con el fin de relacionarlos con mi hipótesis de lo que es el significado de la vida.

Encuestas personales

Encuesta de retroalimentación

Encuesta con 5 Preguntas

Obtén la retroalimentación que necesitas de tus encuestados

Encuestas personales

Relationship Survey Template

Encuesta con 49 Preguntas

Relationship survey questions by QuestionPro consists of questions and examples that you can carry out to understand the chemistry in a relationship, the factors that influence the health of a relationship, the challenges faced in a relationship and expectations in a relationship.

This sample template can be edited by the survey owner according to the required details about the respondent and to understand the health of the respondents relationship. Such a survey can be very useful especially for marriage counselors or psychiatrist to deduce various findings in a patient.

Some of the question examples of this questionnaire are “ How satisfied are you with your partner for the following in your relationship?, How fast are the issues resolved or forgiven?, et. al.

Below are the survey questions to determine the health of a relationship.