Comentários de conferências e Questionário de Avaliação

Comentários de conferências e Questionário de Avaliação - Avalia a característica eficácia e desempenho de qualquer conferência. Inclui ramificação / lógica de ramificação para pausas Speaker Avaliação e página para a usabilidade.

Portuguese (Português) translation missing for : Considering your complete experience at our conference, how likely would you be to recommend this event to a friend or colleague?
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
Por favor, indique a sua satisfação geral com esta conferência.
muito satisfeito
um pouco satisfeito
um pouco insatisfeito
Muito Insatisfeito
conteúdo Conferência
Processo de Registro
Comida & Bebida
Portuguese (Português) translation missing for : Food and beverages
Portuguese (Português) translation missing for : Time allocated for discussions
Portuguese (Português) translation missing for : Overall conference experience
Portuguese (Português) translation missing for : Please select your favorite speaker at the conference:
Como você ouvir ou saber mais sobre esta conferência?
Portuguese (Português) translation missing for : What was your primary goal in attending this conference?
Quantas conferências / seminários externa é que participa, em média, em um ano?
Obrigado por tomar o tempo para participar nesta avaliação.

Konferense Taxa d se ck você r ve ys

Avaliação do seminário

22 questões

Avaliação do Seminário, a razão para o atendimento e avaliação.

Konferense Taxa d se ck você r ve ys

Workshop Survey Template

16 questões

Workshop survey template offers 10 customizable questions which can be asked to the attendees after or before conducting a workshop. This sample questionnaire is primarily to be sent after a workshop is held in order to understand whether the workshop met the attendees’ expectations or not and how can the quality of the workshop be improved. The question examples in this template can be broadly implemented by researchers to analyze the workshop topic, speakers, and overall quality.

Workshops are one of the best ways to learn or enhance skills and understanding of a certain subject. But for someone conducting a workshop, have you ever wondered how good your workshop was and have you identified if it was really helpful and people got some information out of it? These are some broad questions, helpful in gathering insights into what improvements or enhancements to make your workshop well-rounded and helpful? The ideal way to acquire this information would be through survey software.

Online survey software is an ultimate tool to collect and deduce information. It is not only a data store for your collected information but can provide statistical and research outcomes from your data.

Konferense Taxa d se ck você r ve ys

Event Feedback Survey Template

29 questões

Event feedback surveys have become the norm in today's business world. There are multiple events that take place around the world. Each event is unique and has a specific objective and a defined target audience. These events help the attendees for various reasons from marketing, sales, training and many more. Using these survey questions the researcher can collect objective and actionable feedback that can be used to host much better events in the future and provide satisfaction to its attendees.