Multiple Intelligence Survey for Students Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template

Multiple intelligence survey for students is designed, to understand the many ways and concept to know how smart people are, basically their level of subjective intelligence and IQ. This sample survey template consists of questions that will help an institution adopt to the various needs of their students. This questionnaire is designed by a team of experts and can be modified to suit the needs of individual institution.
You are probably familiar with the theory of multiple intelligence by Dr. Howard Gardner, but have you thought how asking the right questions can give you the right responses to understand the level of intelligence and their hobbies. In this survey questions related to mathematical-logic, bodily-kinesthetic and visual spatial are asked.

1. Considering your complete experience, how likely are you to refer the "Multiple Intelligence Theory" to your friends or colleagues? 
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
2. Please select your age category
3. Please select your ethnicity
4. Please select your gender
5. Please select the most appropriate answer option
Strongly Disagree
I am proud of my large vocabulary
Using numerical symbols is easy for me
I love listening to music
I consider myself an athlete
I know for a fact, people of all ages are fond of me
I am fascinated by plant and animal kingdom
I enjoy learning something new everyday
I observe and determine facts based on that
I have varied musical interest and play multiple musical instruments
I don’t get lost easily and use maps and landmarks to find my path
Strongly Disagree
I feel good about being physically fit
I consider all humans as equal irrespective of their sex, color, caste etc.
I don’t like wasting time on trivial issues
I like to keep a journal to record my daily thoughts

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