NBA Survey Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template

The NBA survey is an in-depth questionnaire that is administered to people that watch basketball and even attend games. This sample survey template helps collect data about favorite teams, players and stadiums along with the perceived most important position on the field. These survey questions also help understand people’s perceptions about if the player salaries are justified. You can use this survey template to also understand how fans and spectators indulge with a brand and how to fortify this relationship.

How long have you been watching the NBA?
Have you watched a NBA game live?
Who is your favourite NBA basketball team?
Who is your favourite basketball player in the NBA?
How do you feel about the feel about the salaries of current players in the NBA?
How do you feel about rumours of a lockout after the 2010-2011 season?
Which position do you feel is the most important?
Which of these positions do you feel like should be paid the most?
Do you think teams with low salary caps can still compete with those with rather larger ones?
Which do you feel is more important?
Which arena is your favourite?

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