Modelos de pesquisa School Surveys Parent-Teacher Conference Survey Template for Teachers

Parent-Teacher Conference Survey Template for Teachers

A parent-teacher conference lets both parents and teachers ask questions about the child. Teachers can use this free parent-teacher meeting questionnaire to know more about students' experiences at school. These sample questions help gain insights into what children think about teachers and how they feel about academics.

Getting more information about students' behavior at home help teachers to have a holistic idea of their academic, social and emotional performance. Schools can customize this sample survey template based on their needs.

Parent's Name
Child's Name
Child's grade level?
Teacher's Name
How does your child feel about school?
How comfortable does your child feel with teachers?
How does your child feel about doing homework?
How much time does your child spend on average doing homework?
How does your child feel about classmates?
Does your child ask questions about any subjects?
Does your child find it difficult to focus on any subject at home?
How can I best help your child?
How does your child feel at home?
Does your child have any specific concerns about the school, peers, or teachers?

3 Reasons teachers should use free sample parent-teacher meeting template

1. Ready-made template: Save your time to write down questions. Instead, use our premade questions and customize them as required. Create an account, it's free for lifetime, and you don't need a credit card.

2. Gather parents' point of view: Know parents' point of view about their child's experience at school and teachers. Learn more about your students' social and emotional behavior at home and combine these data with their performance in the class.

3. Identify improvement areas: At times, a child might behave differently at home and school. Finding out more about the children can help teachers address their specific needs. You can also export survey results and share them with all stakeholders.